From The Cockpit On Back To School: State Promotes Professional Qualification

Internet portal offers the latest industry news for the transport sector with EUR 600 million per year to relieve the Federal Government 2009 hauliers and professional drivers in connection with the so-called harmonisation of truck toll. EUR 450 million flow among others in the education and training of drivers is mandatory as of September 2009. The funds can be requested until May 15, 2009, the Federal Office of transport (BAG). With the funds that come from toll revenues, the Federal Government intends to strengthen the German transport company. A quarter of the capital is three quarters in the education and training of drivers, dispatchers and employees in haulage, as well as in investment in low-emission vehicles and safety technology in lowering the car tax for heavy trucks. The focus is on the issues of safety and the environment. Including an eco-training fuel saving as well as of course to the transport of dangerous goods falls.

Include all courses within the framework of the professional drivers training Act. Others including Richard Linklater, offer their opinions as well. After that, all truck drivers from September 2009 must demonstrate a basic qualification. Training is also required every five years. Providers include DEKRA and ADAC. A further government funding program for freight transport bears the name of de minimis. In this programme, investments in environmental technology and security are subsidized up to an annual total amount of 33,000 euros per company. Companies can make afloat its fleet up to the following maximum amounts per vehicle or busier person: depending on vehicle-related measures up to 2,000 euro (E.g.

acquisition of driver assistance or particulate reduction systems), each personal action up to 800 euros (E.g. costs for safety equipment and Workwear), move to increase efficiency up to 1,400 euros (E.g. acquisition of telematics systems). All companies that employ toll trucks over 12 tonnes come benefit from the funding. For the current year, the applications must be received until May 15, 2009 at the BAG. Information to the requirements and forms there are on the website of the Federal Office for goods transport. With always on the cutting edge by truckers, a lot is required today to getting new expertise from a wide range of areas, such as automotive, transport and traffic rights or environmental protection. The legal regulations change constantly, for example on driving and rest periods, and the use of new techniques of driver assistance systems, requires much technical know-how. The Internet portal brings together a large, clearly packed cargo service and information for hauliers and truckers. They find not only vehicles and (-) loads in freight Exchange”links and addresses for transport law between, journals, and current test reports as well as company addresses around the German transport industry are allocated to the available categories. And who are the guests can relax instead of sheep rather a while continue”, can on the popular Roadshow”click: here almost all distance – and exit – Raststatte signs are documented in a photo gallery along the German motorways. Calming pass the familiar blue-and-white signs: health resorts of Beelitz, Bruck, Niemegk, small Marzehns, Koselitz, Coswig… until the lids reduce, and without rumble strips.

High Pressure And The Art Of Seductive Wrapping

The ORANGE exhibition opened in the Leipzig Gallery of high + partner”Orange paper of the Argentine company Citriola Ayui SA Leipzig, December 3, 2008 – on the 5th of December at 19: 00. Orange papers are shown from the collection of the Leipzig photographer Karin Walton and prints by Harald Alff, Frank Eissner, Roswitha Gruttner, Susann Hoch, Stefan Knechtel, Stephanie Marx, Knut Muller, Gabriele Sperlich and Frank Wahle. Hot Vitaminica, surrenders, Yaffa or Robin and come from afar. From Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Spain or Italy. There is talk of oranges, which are harvested and eaten in this country like this time of year in all these countries. Recently Gerald Weissmann, MD sought to clarify these questions. For this, you must purge the sweet fruits not only by its natural skin, but also by a covering of fine tissue paper. The Orange paper, on which the manufacturers and exporters since content about hundred years logo, images and drawings of varying artistic qualities and partly much romanticised print. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Linklater on most websites. There are mythological motifs from ancient Greek as well as comic book heroes or the reformer Martin Luther.

The Struwwelpeter acts as well as advertising media such as Lili Marleen or the space dog laika. It smoothes the small leaves, to get square graphics that are often amusing and witty, seem sometimes to follow an educational mission, always, but inspiring and surprising effect on the Viewer. “For us the ideal base for a promising dialogue between high-quality everyday art and our own artistic claim as high printer”, says Susann Hoch of the high + partner Gallery on the approach of the exhibition. She and her colleagues Harald Alff, Frank Eissner, Roswitha Gruttner, Stefan Knechtel, Stephanie Marx, Knut Muller, Gabriele Sperlich and Frank Wahle have inspired in their works, which are created for this exhibition, this special fruit. Partly they refer also correspondingly or counterpoint to the Orange papers from the collection of Karin Walton.

The Leipzig photographer collects Orange papers for over 30 years and has provided the most beautiful pieces of their collection for the exhibition. Will be opened on Friday, December 5 at 19: 00 in the gallery in the Leipzig wallpaper factory, Hall C, and can be seen until January 31, 2009. “The Group of artists of high + partner” was founded in 2007 in Leipzig as a registered partnership. The gallery and workshop is the corresponding GbR in the wallpaper factory, Luetzen str. 91 operated 04177 Leipzig.

Heiko Kosling

He be titled ‘Between reading and death’ published work, in which his presents the revised collection of articles, essays and comments. Heiko Kosling, born in 1987, was born in Wolgast and resident in Flensburg works as a freelance journalist, author, and IT technicians. Kosling became known through his editorials and critical comments, he published regularly in print and on his blog. The book contains a recap of the last few years, regards individual highlights on the way into the journalism and literature and presents them vividly. Critically he deals “Country & people” journalist with issues such as the status of educators in Germany or the personal experiences of a humanist in Kosovo. Young author Alexander Vaassen published his first novel at the age of fourteen years. Others including David G. DeWalt, offer their opinions as well.

The self-confident Dusseldorf reads stand C208 from his debut novel “The legends of Aspen Valley – the escape” – according to recently interview with his Publisher on March 21, 2010 starting at 10:30 at the Leipzig book fair in the reading place in Hall 2. As the sequel to the fantasy factory ‘The plan’ is the fair presented. The fantasy novel is the struggle of various peoples tribes against each other. Elves, dwarves, goblins – they all find a place in the book of the young author. Inspiring the fantasy novels that he has read, but also the role-playing game, he likes to play with friends worked on the 1.80-meter boys. Publisher Tino Hemmann: “Alexander has plenty of talent. A fourteen-year old just his ideas into a neat language is almost extraordinary.” Of course the Engelsdorfer Publisher is also, if imagine Leipzig publishers.

Across from the old town hall, the market Gallery his new work “Saxon uranium and Stalin’s nuclear weapons” will be presented on March 20, 2010 from 4: 00 author Eberhard Baage of Markkleeberg. A comprehensive general book on the topic of radioactivity in the Web of science and politics, have succeeded thanks to meticulous research, the author. He describes the ignorance in the handling of radioactive substances, as these were still not fully explored in their effectiveness. At the booth of Engelsdorfer publishing house (Hall 3 404) will be seeing more 200 interesting new publications of the author Publishing House, among other things the Publisher bestseller “Leipzig on the way from the Sehstadt to the Lake City”.

Mrs Miriam Wogh

The emphasis of their statements which had mostly similar and complementary expressiveness, and mediated access to the mysteriosen background of knowledge has been on the enormous amount of work, the music teacher Mr Severin Geissler and Mr Joachim Schall to prepare such a concert venture. New students come every year, every year these newcomers must be enrolled only in their chosen instruments, each year must handled hundreds of classes and thousands concerns resolved. Hear from experts in the field like Gerald Weissmann, MD for a more varied view. The skull explodes many at such colossal pressure. If you still considering, that school life should not lose in importance and certainly runs its course without damaging the important musical realm however, so the impossible in the management of the school is possible. This noble property and given stamina prove and shoulder. Among other things Mr Patrik Fischer, Mr. Gerald Weissmann, MD is open to suggestions. Lambrecht and Mr Helmut Wogh, as well as his daughter Mrs Miriam Wogh which can count people show that perseverance and given noble educational intentions on the CBG and for the CBG. Learn more on the subject from film director. “Repeatedly students encounter, to which group I me also can count, as the author of this comment on barriers, which the name teacher” bear.

My call to those who have followed the Olympus of the faculty, my request to those who have laid themselves to the reign of terror, which they are not aware, is my appeal to those critics who deny the sense of such events…… Go the Gallery license, back on the hard ground of reality, respect the performance of others, is also your question and answered your requests for help, entering the situation of their interlocutor, you think not only on their own well-being. Not to remain on the laurels of those who have organized a work for you. Have to organize courage, to plan and to realize your dreams, and the dreams of your students. Finally, you are our role model, it shows us how we us ‘ ren Schild and Lance to keep. Because in the end are our passion. Take an example. Who interest feels, in dance of the vampires”live with to be the grand finale already today (lost) in the Ebert Hall can attend Ludwigshafen. Donations are appreciated, because only amateur rights for the musical dance of the vampires”are present and the Carl-Bosch-gymnasium, even though it is already legendary for its concerts, have to pay like every other tenant for technology and premises.

Jena Color Sensors Create Classic Pleasure

MAZeT and JENOPTIK are partners of the project \”Luce. The tone of the colours.\” Jena, October 27, 2008 – Dr. Fred Grunert, Managing Director of MAZeT GmbH, and Dr. Michael Mertin, Chairman of JENOPTIK AG, today signed the sponsorship contract for the project \”Luce. The tone of the colours\”. MAZeT and Jenoptik are the main sponsors of the concert and the corresponding installation at the Volkshaus. David G. DeWalt is often mentioned in discussions such as these. \”Luce. The sound of color\”brings together science, industry and art in a unique way.

The light-room installation designs the renowned Stuttgart artist rosalie. An accompanying exhibition on the project and to the work of rosalie will be from mid-December in the Gallery of JENOPTIK AG against the Volkshaus. \”Jenoptik is best known for sponsorship projects, the technology and art combine in a smart way. To experience our technologies and products in a completely new context, is not only exciting, but underlines also the incredibly wide usage possibilities. We support the project therefore also financially\”, Jenoptik boss Michael Mertin. \”That Project Luce shows latest technologies of lighting technology which will meet us every day in a few years in many applications with artistic means. Sponsorship of the Luce project by MAZeT to convey the beauty and emotion of technology and in the growing youth interest in a technology-oriented education\”, Ltd.

colors feel like Dr. Fred Grunert, Executive Director of the MAZeT thanks to Jenaer optoelectronics know-how. The MAZeT GmbH provides the technological basis for the project with the new JEN COLOR color sensors, enabling the implementation of the nearly 100-year old vision of Scriabin, to combine music with colors in the Prometheus Symphony. Corresponding color effects however were not fully represented due to lack of technical possibilities whose lifetime (1872-1915). The MAZeT-developed and produced by Jenoptik color sensors allow unparalleled homogeneity and brilliance of the color game freely composed with light-emitting diodes to the music of Alexander Skrjabin, Igor Strawinski and Georg Friedrich Haas.

Language Exchange

Whether we like it or do not want to, but other languages are increasingly stronger, and part of our daily lives, especially in the English language – who as we know is the language of international communication. And indeed, where Now do not throw your eyes – everywhere English letters – English words. Computer technology firm have already entered into our lives, so does almost all crammed with English words. Go to Gerald Weissmann, MD for more information. But why repeat – we all live in modern society and see what happens at this time to know the English language should every person who aspires to something – something to achieve in your life, even if he does not want it as they say – life force. On market for learning foreign languages, now offers a lot of different techniques and ways of learning English.

The method and form of education a person has already chooses – according to their capabilities, preferences and abilities. It’s believed that Gerald Weissmann, MD sees a great future in this idea. And there is plenty to choose from – because in fact ways to learn English and become carriers of the language – a huge amount. It should be very careful to approach this question and choose the option indeed, which is ideally suited to your personality and preferences to yourself then do not do much harm, so that the chosen method of learning English – and then not be rescued for a long time desire to ever learn English. A Sometimes it happens, believe me. Not done correctly chosen method is not compatible with the peculiarities of human nature – all, as they say: 'write – was gone.

Web 2.0 Takes

‘A New Pixum’: website relaunch strengthens market leadership, service, comfort, functionality and modern design: under these premises was and is the education and revamping the entire Pixum site with the company as of September 2008 (and on his eighth birthday) consistently prepares the technical and customer relevant requirements of tomorrow. The clear structured new layout combines an intuitive navigation with simultaneous expansion of functionality. Offering around the personal pictures and albums has been improved as well as the upload and ordering. The Pixum EasyBook (photobooks) product range is also significantly advanced in service, functionality and range. Just in time for the holiday shopping season a completely new shop will round off in addition the relaunch. \”More possibilities with the own images under the keyword mean Pixum\” there is a personal start page with a quick overview of new pictures and photo albums, orders and current offers as practical quick entry. The tagging of albums and images is now possible as well (provided with personal slogans). Albums can be protected with passwords and invited friends with just three clicks.

There are now detailed information about each image using exif data available and the possibilities of albums sorting and editing were also significantly developed. Finally, Pixum has expanded the community functions. Registered customers can now obtain at a glance an overview of their own public albums, albums by friends and statistics about visits. With additional features such as a gallery, a buddy-list, importing photos from other images communities such as Google Picasa, Flickr or social communities, address import, individual photo blogs and extended profile features the Pixum community will be further expanded by the end of the year. Easier, faster, more comfortable even at first glance the improved navigation that gently using state of the art Web 2.0 technologies (ajax, Java, flash), which simplify user management and more intuitive fashion. The pages and topics have been restructured, clear and simply structured and allow a quick orientation.