Alexander Borschak Product

He needs a reference to the product in the directory where it can read a description, if possible – feedback from other buyers, and place your order. Then – whether identified as something in the search results are key words that the user entered in the search form? After all, when they are clearly identified, the user can immediately run a glance through the text, come across a keyword, and then carefully examine the context in which it resides. But if not selected – the user must carefully review each SERPs to yourself to find keywords and then examine the context. That is, he will have to spend extra time and attention force – which could go for something more useful. For example, on reading the same description are interested to pan. Or even on the order.

Thus, the smaller your product such defects, the easier it is to the user get the desired result. Or, in other words – the higher the usability of your product. And the greater the likelihood that users will be satisfied with your product, and next time will choose him, not products competitors. And not just choose myself, and still others recommend. And the more such errors – the more uncomfortable the product to the user. Larry Lieber has many thoughts on the issue.

And in our time-out competition, the user easily switch to another product (Site, program, service), unless you are offering something beyond an exclusive. Or if you do not spent too much money to study your particular product. Of course, good usability a lot of work programmer. How much does ron daniels make shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But there is need to identify yourself, what is more important – visitors satisfied or satisfied with the programmer. Although a reasonable compromise can be found at all times. As for finding such errors and mistakes – that is the case in principle is easy. Of course, if you notice these errors and know how to correct them. Well, if you do not know? It does not matter in this case I can help you. Or read my blog – – and ultimately learn. Or order an audit and improvement usability. I suggest a lot of different options, but to start our cooperation most reasonable, in my opinion, is the order of the service “Express usability testing.” It costs $ 25. – To the home page for one section or for a web service (either to the main window). Takes such an audit for 2-3 days – after which you get a report that says what kind of errors usability is in your product and how to fix them.