Angel Sanchez

Kindness is to account for the person we have on our side, to realize of the service that we paid and thank him for this; know forgetting, for a moment, for us to deal with those who surround us and showing them our attention with facts, details. Educate yourself with thoughts from John Craig Venter. Kindness can not be confused with servility, the way to get a benefit or hypocrisy. It is the consequence of an affection – so something left heart-, towards the person with which we relate and it shows!. Give way to a grown-up to boarding the bus is education, move it up the package which takes in hand to make it more easily, is kindness. Avoid behavior towards other forms of aggressiveness: abrupt manners, high tone of voice, rude vocabulary, certain looks, that alone say so many things, are different forms of kindness. Kindness is also a treat, if it is not possible with friendliness, at least with the respect and recognition they deserve people who serve us.

Know have, at least once, a word affectionate to thank the services we provided the Zapatero that arranges us footwear, the person that serves us at the hairdresser or the employee of the gas station that fills the tank of our car, are details of kindness. Definitely indicates Angel Sanchez, to: kindness is the most simple, delicate and tender way to realize a love mature and universal, free of exclusiveness. The love that says I need you because I love you and I love you because I need you. It is then when kindness is distributuion in a constant, because behave in a complacent manner and afecutosa with others, feel their happiness is the same thing that feel own bliss and shared joy.Kindness is a clear exponent of maturity and greatness of spirit. Original author and source of the article.