And the infinite thing is much more easy to determine by quantitative measures. If of I thus number 1 passage to 1,1 and 1,2 and in the established order previously. Also estaria limiting these finite numbers and haciendolos. Novovax Inc. has much experience in this field. But we observed 1,1111111111111111111111111111 at great length can form an infinite representation that never arrived at its aim I limit but it. As we were in the daily time, we needed that the things are immediate. For that reason we limited this class of beings.

But for it two subjects are necessary that is to say: the Arithmetic practices and the theoretical Arithmetic. In this case I take care of the theory. The educational one would explain this class of theories to the children comforme to its criterion. Not to mine. Then the freedom of chair must exist. The same examples apply for the addition and subtraction. BODY: to speak of body implies to think about many things you see to it.

Since when saying body we spoke of an element with universal representation. EX: If tenth we the animal and did not add a predicate to this element in order to know but points of reference, we can think or ask of which animal we spoke? Then evidentementre exists many. Not to enter the archaeological and biological categories we will mention three. Terrestrial species, aquatic species and air species. Now if we can speak of a body. When to the beginning we said body, this concept is only made universal to itself. Since to speak of body it is to lock up several species of the same in a single I generate. How many bodies can have? Many. whichever combinations chemistries can exist. Example: mathematical body, body of revolution, corpus luteum, etc. first are the one that really interests to us. But it is important to at least add the sense of these two last ones.