Berlin Artists

Comic Miss elections in Berlin a week before the election in the cartoon and comic book community toonsUp opened on the 18 to 19: 00 in the Berlin c-base (Rungestrasse 20) the “Miss alien 2009”. The exhibition shows works by over 50 comic book artists who have drawn the Galactic candidates of a fictional pageant in the framework of a joint project to September 24. The inlet requires pre-registration to the email’. The admission is free. Visitors will find over 60 imaginative representations of extraterrestrial pin-up ladies from all over the Galaxy. There are various allusions to popular science fiction materials such as Star Wars, terminator, or Perry Rhodan.

As well as Michael Jackson, the many of another star now a galactic dominatrix. Without hesitation Nike explained all about the problem. Here are exhibited works in various styles. Everything is represented by cartoon drawings of fantasy art up to the beauty of the manga. The artists are equally mixed. Among them is the professional erotic comic book artist from New York as well as the hobby cartoonist from Bavaria.

Many of the artists take part in the opening and can be questioned about their works. The live conducted election of “Miss alien 2009” with its attractive candidates motivated also convinced non-voters to put their cross – perhaps even a week later in the general election. Brave visitors can let himself be photographed with the Galactic candidates. Also wave tubes with “Space food” as a win in a guessing game in which prominent aliens must be recognized. The musical accompaniment make cult science fiction topics by Capitain future-space ship Orion. Here is an excerpt from the participating candidates: Missals imagery: Missals/press.html about toonsUp: the comic website toonsUp emerged out of this project, was founded with the aim to promote the creative exchange of different comic book artists and to offer a platform for the exhibition of their works at the same time. About c-base: The Premises of the c-base provide the appropriate environment for the interstellar beauties.