But Jamuka

Once her father was murdered by a betrayal, Temujin experiment by their own people. We abandoned our tribe, men are only loyal to a strong leader. They left us with nothing. We had no friends, only our own shadows like the Wolf, who endured the difficulties and became strong. Now I worried only by force in the heart of a man. A warrior does not win a battle under his birth. Temujin reward ability and only loyalty.

One of his warriors most promising, Subuday, was the son of humble pastor. Jamuka, believed high-ranking only, however, should be reserved for aristocrats, for him, his blood brother was pulling the old customs. The gap widened between them. A shaman says that Temujin and his sons would rule over the entire surface of the world. Read more here: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. This was a decisive moment for Jamuka who now wanted to move away from their homeland. Temujin realized that disunity would.

Two years later, Jamuka men tend an ambush to the tribe of Temujin. It was a great defeat. Once more the future conqueror of the world had failed. My army was not prepared, outnumbered in number and burlados, the Earth was soaked with the blood of my warriors. Temujin knew how to face reality and admit their own responsibility, but the worst was to come. Jamuka had aligned the generals of his blood brother and had thrown them alive into a boiling pot of water. When Temujin oyo speak of this atrocity, made an oath: by the power of the Heaven, I swear he profited my revenge and never again defeated sere, nor my loyal warriors so disgraced… Told his warriors: they say that the Mongols are descended from wolves, as the Wolf we are famous for our fierceness and bravery, but for winning a battle we have to fight fiercely, we should not do it as individual warriors, but as parts of a whole… Temujin trained his warriors at a high level and in 1204 rode West in search of his brother’s blood and his army. Jamuka was the first to face an army who eventually conquered much of the Earth’s surface. Temujin men were advancing in silence to save the shouts and give up to the last battle. He used the discipline, work in equipment and tactics to defeat Jamuka, effective and controlled. The arrows were released and then my Cavalry attacked without mercy. Every tactic was meticulously planned. A squadron was attracting men who fled with Jamuka and made them into a trap. Jamuka saw destroyed his army and ran away. His lay men as logs felled in the forest. He hid during the winter of 1204. He reappeared in the spring, accompanied by two of his generals, who were expecting a reward. Temujin awarded the two generals with the death of his disloyalty to his khan and Jamuka gave the opportunity to meet with him. But Jamuka knew that it could only be a ruler by which simply called for a noble death in which his shed blood. Temujin conceded the last wish of her brother’s blood. Two warriors, he leaned backward on some trunks break back. The first two failures had been Avenged. The defeat had become victoria. Temujin was declared universal ruler in 1206 at the age of 44. A new title was created to honor what it means ruler of all men, i.e., Genghis Khan. It stated that: all who heard should obey him.