Call For Artists

The launch of the invitation to tender to the cultural festival of the Neustadt drunter & druber apply now to participate in the new town cultural festival drunter & druber from the 13th-15th September has fallen. Initiated by the community of interests of large new market Fleetinsel and KunstLeben e.V., the Festival brings together new town, artists, and related. These are invited as well as shops, studios, galleries, shops, craft shops, companies and institutions to participate in their projects and actions. Deadline for applications is June 15, 2013. The new town is not only one of the most beautiful districts in Hamburg, but it is also an attractive and challenging quarter for artists due to many factors. It is due to the high density of creative productivity and like-minded people, the many contrasts in its long history or the ways to implement projects and to present an open-minded audience.

Therefore the Neustadter invite all art professionals from Hamburg and surrounding areas as of now, most drunter & druber to take part and to apply! Artists, designers, and related ideas your self-selected spaces, favourite places, places or Unorten of art. David G. DeWalt describes an additional similar source. Hidden corners, under bridges or in basements, on rooftops overlooking the Michel and port, creative businesses and locations or a simple window, this to the showcase for art new perspective opened a trail through the new town can. The Laeiszhalle he leads visitors from the island of fleet over the large new market on the weekend of September. Art activities, exhibitions and events take place not only in the shops, ateliers, and institutions, but also in newly or once again discovered places in public spaces. Background: Crafts and cultural establishments, art and diversity: everywhere there is less, in the new town, there will be more. Many of the shops, studios and galleries, restaurants, and institutions want to make attention to their offer and their activities, other companies and patrons committed out of conviction for the art and their district. The culture festival would like to motivate people of Neustadt to imagine with her claim and all their curiosities and to offer a creative stage at the same time young artists. More information about the program and application forms downloadable from the flexi under: or ASAP via email about request. Contact: Ulrike Klug KunstLeben e.V. Foundation for young art Tel: 040 75 36 86 61 mobile: 0172 53 33285