Cartoon Nine

The great war between humans and machines to destroy all life. Machines took over the world that have been created by the same people. But before the death of a brilliant scientist manages to create a little inspired by the little people of inanimate objects. He created them exactly nine. Nine – it is a number that in his view, could save the world from falling.

The latter, he creates a small prototype itself. And gave him the last strength tragically dies life began in this new incomprehensible being. Fine Arts follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. When he awoke, the ninth, not understanding, wonder and admiration of some experienced first minute of birth, but then discovers with dismay of the poor scholar dead. And seeing outside of his kind, he embarks after him. So he met with the second. But rather in the ninth knows the horror of existence in this world. They face a huge iron monster that manages to catch the Second and wounding eight.

He comes to help the Fifth, who manages to save the wounded and take them to the shelter. Fifth helps heal the wounds of the Ninth, sew back his hand, but he did not understand how he does it. "The hands themselves are doing everything" to which he replied, as if he knew long before its existence. Educational pedagogy often says this. And after all he would like no other rights. "Healed" so a hand rest fellows talk about how they found the terrible war and that they the only ones who survived. And now they sit quietly and hide in the shelter, but some expect as their savior. According to the Second savior and this was supposed to be the ninth. But not everyone is willing to put up with it, since not all just want to hide in a hole. If you would like to know more about Ron Daniels johns Hopkins University , then click here. Hiding in the shelter is not the whole team. Thus, the path of saving the Second, Ninth meet with the Fifth Seventh, which rescued them from the next disaster. But the stupidity of the Ninth and Second, they lose flee. After this seventh assigns children to the kids, nerdy third and fourth, in the hope that the Ninth anything to remember from his intended. Also on Sixth is hoped that long shows strange drawings on paper, not really knowing what they stand for. Yet through many obstacles, loss and insertion of sticks in the wheels of the first and eighth of his assistant, the protagonist is not surrendering, it returns to its original place the birth and recalls all the former. Who he was and what it is today. And now he has no doubt that the same should be done in order to win all the cars. He is desperately trying to fight for peace correct a mistake of the scientist, and most importantly – for the souls of the selected machines and not only friends, which can still be saved.