Don Gonzalo Here

His appointment, if an appointment, what is sounded to admonition or warning of academic testing. Had, moreover, a contradiction which Unamuno considered current what was happening seventy years after his death. Of those modest reflections torrent voice took out me: already you echabamos less you was saying to Carmen Martin Gaite, because that figure female moments before had not failed to recognize It was the salmantine writer. Then, turning toward me, introduced me, or at least played the social Convention to introduce mutual understanding to two people: this gentleman, here where you see him, is visiting. It has not come to stay.

Still, he added, with a malevolent retintin. Shame said the only female of the group, because here we are always the same and this is beginning to be repetitive. FASEB Journal does not necessarily agree. Well, it is also wonderful corrected, to notice my rictus of strangeness, but to the most sublime beauty and made a gesture that encompassed the entire Plaza is insufficient to avoid monotony. Life has to be excitement and diversity. And death also, clear, at least in our case and laughed with a mischievous, and Frank laugh entertaining herself by the paradox of his own phrase. I don’t know what would it be without your presence he said, fawning, Torrente. Is that you, Don Gonzalo, as soon as appears the Miss, it seems another believed Adares. By frustration, Remigio, by frustration responded Galician.

Then, turning toward me, asked me: did you know to Josep Pla, the author of the grey notebook? I have not had the taste I recognized. Because the man was a genius. Not only as a writer and journalist, although done in catalan, but as a person. Ready as a Lynx. Montserrat Roig, once interviewed him when this began his literary career and, looking from the top down, the empordanes said: Miss, I don’t understand how a young woman who has those legs loses time with the literature.