At the table to know when to stop and do not overeat. After a hearty lunch relies “noble belch” – replacing the usual “thank you, it was very tasty.” Of course, this is unlikely to see in a restaurant, where the rules of conduct have long Europeanized. It is rather a tradition of home feasts. Culinary tourists need to remember about them, because it at any time may be invited to dine in home from a local old-timer. Add to your understanding with Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation. Tips: how not to offend the gratitude? One of the main customs restaurant culture – tip the waiters.

This procedure has been automated, and we did not hesitate to leave N-Noe amount of money “on tea. ” However, traveling abroad, consider all the same it is worth. In some schools decided to leave the tip on the table, in others they are included in the expense of a separate column. The average size of the tip of 5-15% of the order. The most unpretentious, in this sense are Switzerland, Holland and Austria – where the tip of purely symbolic, not more than 3-6%. By the way, if you got caught in Austria careless waiter, three did not respond to the request “find”, you have the full right not only to leave him a tip, but generally do not pay for the expense. In Italy, the tips are not accepted as such, making it possible to throw a few coins in a special piggy bank.

In Irish pubs as possible thanks to treat a bartender beer, no more. Thai and Malaysian waiters will find tips for contempt of less than 10 baht (about 30 cents), so it’s all the same fork. Do not leave a tip in restaurants, Nepal, the USA and Canada is fraught with scandal. According to the rules than respectable institution, the greater should be “grateful” visitor. In the snack bars and cafes rather 10-15% of the bill, but at an expensive restaurant will have to pay a premium of 20-25%. In the West tip – by itself granted a form of gratitude for the good quality of service, in China and Japan, this is a sign of deep disrespect. The thing is that in Eastern culture a guest service, the more foreign, treated as debt. If you do not can keep the reward the waiter to give him a better low-cost but memorable trinket.