Everyday Rules

One human being whatever meets hundreds of rules in a day. And it does so almost without noticing. But he would not accept nor I could live without complying with these regulations. You have to do most of the things, until the trivial, in a well-defined way. Since dresses by choosing suitable clothing for the place that will assist it is trying to comply with a rule. Then having to bathe it is complying with other social regulation. He sits at the table and have to ingest food attached to certain manners, to certain rules.

Then goes in your car, if you have, fulfilling large diversity of other rules. You should always go for a specific side of the route, you must stop at traffic lights, etc. And it has barely begun the day. It would be endless to enumerate the complete list of rules you have to observe throughout your life. At least the rules, provided that they are not excessive, simplify life.

Because they avoid having to stop us at every turn to make a decision. The rules are already accompli reasoning and decision-making. Apply them and because, without even to realise. But you should avoid exaggerating in their compliance. Because otherwise your conduct will be too rigid to adapt successfully to the situations. You must acquire enough sense to realize which rules can be flexible and when. You can not live without rules but not only them. Many times you will have to make creative decisions and even go against the establishment.