Give Your Loved One Flowers For Her Birthday

I was very lucky because my birthday's favorite summer. And in the summer as a surprise to organize and make original gifts easier. During the two weeks before the event each day, I thought that to give, what would make a gift beloved. Continue to learn more with: Richard Stuart Linklater. As a result, has developed a script, and the entire day was painted on the clock. It was a day of surprises for my beloved! I had already talked nice to it organized itself off.

I myself also took the day off, but he said that I was going to work. I prepared the pre-: – photos, where we had together and smile – balloons – a big bouquet of colorful asters – model toy motorcycle – actually the main prize – a book that I just know, like – 3 kinds of honey and honey exhibition (my favorite of his loves) – fresh blackberries and raspberries, fresh – watermelon (bought the day before and left in the car) – the wine and candles – gift certificate to a massage studio (recording at the time I did in advance) – gift certificate for riding lessons (just signed up in advance). I got up early in the morning, and while my friend was asleep, I threw in a room large air balloons yellow smiley face with a picture of smiling. On the nightstand next to bed I put a bouquet of asters and under him the first photo on the back is written: "For some reason it seems that the women did not give you flowers …" In the kitchen, I organized a breakfast: piala with blackberries, raspberries with Pialat and three bowls with different honey.