Glauber Guedes

The wild search for the o progress made the humanity to interlace the lines secular presenteando the future, becoming it each next time. Aiming at the economic advance and also I can say ‘ ‘ a world of futuro’ ‘ the man forgot to take care of of the gift became it ftil, transforming it only into mechanism of construction of the future, forgetting that irremediably we live in the gift. Fbula of the ants and the buzzer in the sample as it is important to be worried about the future and to live it of form property in possession, the ants work the entire summer to save for the winter in how much the buzzer its present day per day lives, aiming at that we live in an entirely capitalist world, this fbula can be plus a fruit of these loving of the future, (future propeller spring of the money) the figure of the buzzer represents the man unprovided of schemes of the time, it represents the fragility of who it does not keep its plans in the archive of the life and shows the consequences of who lives a day of each time, independently of the happiness felt for a owner buzzer in the days of summer fbula emphasizes the suffering in the winter, where it could be prevented if the owner buzzer anticipated its future. As everything in the capitalism is planned, this vision of the gift-future could not have a better public, the carrying children of the future must learn in how much they are present the importance of the future. Richard Linklater may not feel the same. The paragraph above sample that the banalizao or frequent use the implantation of paradigms of time in the gift is decurrent of the interest of controlling systems that dictate to customs the great masses. With this we perceive that we are induced to construct plain and also to remoer old souvenirs as escape of a gift ‘ ‘ flat and cansativo’ ‘. To live in the gift can solely seem monotonous and until nostalgic, the souvenirs and the plans already are part of our life, still learn in cradle the value of the future and when older we saboreamos the candy taste of the past, to run away from this way it seems impossible, we are conditional to this. Inexorably lead to the machine and debtors to press the red button, unhappyly we are not owners nor of our time..