House Roof Artistic Accents

Decorative clay figurines or decorative ornaments made of slate gives a particularly exclusive touch any type of roof. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Nike. Each motif in telling his own story. Animal figures of the roof or slate ornaments serve not only as optical Eyecatcher, but lend a personal touch the roof. “The individual motif choice highlights the personality of the House residents and often embodies a special symbolism”, betrayed experts, the leading online portal around the topic of roof. Whether made of clay or slate – the selection of decorative roof figures and patterns is currently so great like never before. Guests can enjoy special popularity since time immemorial animal figures out of clay.

Cock, Fox, cat or horse – animal roof ornaments is a real eye-catcher in any case high up on the first. But the faithfully recreated clay figures not only outfitted with aesthetic refinement. The clay figures often also act as animal charm. Finally, each animal has a unique symbolism. A magnificent Stallion on the first about embodies strength and freedom.

The clever cat guarded House and residents with safe movement. The cunning Fox sure has everything in sight. And the cock supposedly protects against fire. But clay roof figures are not the only sexy design idea for the fifth facade, the roof. “Also artistic slate ornaments set the roof of the House and especially the gable masterfully”, so the experts. Ranging from decorative jewelry ribbons flower vines to images from legends or fairy tales of staging possibilities using range of slate stones. As experts betrayed, a cutting template for the individual – often coloured – slate ornaments can be from virtually any motif create. Slate are used with the high-quality sedimentary rocks as well as no limits of creativity. Symbolic animal figures or elaborate ornaments – roof ornaments made of clay or slate is the culmination of each House roof and embodies the personality of the residents here in a visually appealing way. “So the roof rises of pleasant the uniform sea of houses of the environment”, is the conclusion of experts. For more information, ideas, image galleries on the topic of roofing, roof or roof extension, see roof/roof form /