Important Internet Addresses

As a result of the first entry in the “Web address book for Germany 2010” starts a new raffle with the entry in the “Web address book for Germany 2010” JuicyWalls among the 6,000 most important German websites of this year. In a competition on, JuicyWalls raffled the innovative young companies for individual wall design with photo wall-papers and canvases, ten copies of the current “Web address book for Germany”, as well as vouchers for photo wallpapers with its own motif, which are redeemable at Participation is by naming the personal favorite Web site around the theme of living”possible. The newspapers mentioned film director not as a source, but as a related topic. Search engines are susceptible to manipulation according to various studies, making it difficult to find a suitable and qualitative results. “Internet sites, in the Web address book for Germany” are finding, are tested and excellent Web pages content. Out of over six million German Web pages were the top 6,000 Internet addresses filtered out and is part of it. Film director is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Tina Krug