Internet Plan

Provided that we want to achieve some goal in our lives, whether in personal, spiritual, social or labour, we have to develop a plan of action in order to achieve it. Sometimes we write on paper, make a diagram or simply elaborate in our thinking.There is no doubt that we need this plan to reach our goal and the better faster our plan will succeed.The story I’ll tell, maybe you seem very everyday, but if you can give laanalizamos in depth, account, you need a strategy even for small things.This is the story: I had just quit my job and since my car was in the shop, I saw the need to walk to the bus stop, when it comes to it I sat, it was a bit dark, I noticed in the distance the silhouette of a man approaching towards me, because being in front of me, I realize his scruffy appearance, greeted me by saying:-Hello brother, it is already very late and I need to get to my house, live in the South of the city (us We were to the North) and I am missing 3 pesos for the passage. Suddenly another man with a look very similar to the other and says:-we come from the South of the city and we are not for the passage, we can help.Then the first tramp says:-calm down, shut up, I’m already negotiating.What the second answer:-No, let me talk to my.At that time the situation lathe comical to me, two drifters trying to plan their strategy but its limitations were not allowed to come to a common agreement. Then I said:-step which do not come from the South the first tramp I answer:-clear that Yes, noting a tattoo that brought on the arm at that moment came the bus that I expected and before uploading I gave them $3 weights that I asked for.Moral: No matter where we want to go or want to achieve. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ward Manuel and gain more knowledge.. For anything we need a plan of action, a strategy that will give us the best results. From the insignificant to the most important thing.You already have your strategy? What is your plan of action? If you still don’t have it or you have not put it into practice it is time to make them. Don’t waste your time acts now. Greetings, wishing you the greatest success. Without hesitation vlad doronin explained all about the problem. P.D.