Irina Medusa Kopp

The art is my life, my life is born as Irina Kopp art biography on 5 February 1983 in Zaporozhye / Ukraine, the older daughter of Elena (textile in gene urine) and Oleg Kopp (photographer) live, study, and I worked as a freelance artist in Schwabisch Hall in the vicinity of Stuttgart. I paint my whole life. Are I could not even walk I have met already the pen in hand and painted. I came up with a congenital heart defect on the world. I was operating with three years and could move then so me like other children in the age. At the age of six, I was enrolled in a special structure high school for art and music.

Already at that time a special sense of colour and form was awarded by teachers and fellow me. I spent my youth after moving from 1992 in Schwabisch Hall. The parents worked mostly from morning until evening, to us my sister and me to ensure a good life. My self-appointed childlike freedom unfortunately not without a trace passed me. I dropped out of school at 16 and led a turbulent life of the party. At the age of 18, I got the opportunity to learn the hairdressing trade, in which I got then 2009 also the master craftsman. The craft was the rescue of a negative trend puberty. But there are also positive experiences in my youth.

I grew up very multicultural, what has influenced my perspective on the world, people and their origin, and of course my todays art very. My graduation at the technical high school in Schwabisch Hall have I recuperated at the age of 26, skipped the 10th class and studying electrical engineering at the University of Heilbronn / Kunzelsau. Are 2007 I’m doing capoeira, a Brazilian basketball,football,TV.studing,computer with dance. At this time, I traveled a lot and a lot of the world am seen. The name Medusa emerged from the Capoeirawelt ‘traditional’, I’ve just keep in my real life. The Capoeiratradition says that on the batizado, each student gets a nickname from his teacher. The batizado is a special moment in which the beginner officially named the Capoeirista will be. The Capoeiramotive are one of my favorite sections of my art. Usually encounters inspire me with other people, political events or I deal with to their own experiences and experiences. But of course, also old masters are great role models by me. I love Van Gogh! It is unique in my eyes his way to paint. But my family has influenced my art. My grandfather, my mother’s father was a successful artist and Restorer, and my father himself. Most of the pictures are in my small apartment. The most beautiful compliment was a friend who knew my images only from the Internet my works look like live still much nicer than, as they which has can imagine ever had said. Many years I have not appreciated, as I see them as adult this gift. Sometimes even I have cursed this artistic skill to me to be a so flatterhafter man. Disorganized and rash. But biographies of other artists have helped me to know I am not alone with my fate. I live the art all my life. It is the best thing that I ever could!