Lace Wedding

Each year the wine is tasty and the color saturated. But in order to preserve the drink, you need a lot of effort and attention. Only after going through all the stages, the wine hits the table, "cheers the heart of man." And what about marital bonds? Whether they are strong after many years of marriage. Does the "exposure" on the strength of feelings? As soon as the light is born "young family", there are challenges and joys shared moments of happiness and sex differences. Therefore, watching the maturation of the family, our grandparents have decided to name certain dates of family experience. People such as Austin Film Society would likely agree. Indeed, since ancient times noticed that the numbers have an impact on people.

No wonder there was a science called numerology. For example, a year together – a symbol of cotton, respectively, and the wedding – "chintz." The name points to possible problems and their solutions. To assist the spouses and as some support was invented tradition, the wedding day, gather your friends and relatives, who are given gifts according to the names of the wedding. Year of residence – is understandable. But in wedding anniversaries there and mysterious date – 13-years old. Number, which immediately makes many think. And this is called wedding – "Lacy." Why this name? Perhaps you know that laces require years of work in the future is very caring attitude towards them. Slight misconduct – and spoiled lace: thread – torn, pattern – has lost its charm, and the work becomes useless.