Laptop Loan In University

Most Spanish universities offer their students a service of individual loan from laptops through their libraries. This free resource should be for academic purposes, as a tool for supporting learning and research. All enrolled students can access the loan of these teams and make use of them for a limited time (three, four hours or more, depending on each institution) within the University facilities. At the moment the computer is an essential tool for college students. Besides being a basic instrument to elaborate works, notes and other study materials, is an indispensable means for access to the network and thus to all sources of information available in it that facilitate learning and support student in their process of teaching. But not all students have sufficient resources to have their own computer equipment, either which possess is not portable and therefore not can move with you and make use of it When the occasion requires.

To facilitate the academic activity of these students, the University libraries have joined their services the individual loan of portable computers, a free resource that can be accessed by all students enrolled in the institution of higher education. How it works the laptop loan service works just like other study materials. The interested party must apply at the counters of the libraries and submit the documentation required in each case (library, University or national ID card) to identify themselves. It is important to note that this provision is conditioned exclusively to academic use by the user. For access to on-line information resources related to learning, teaching and research, or to use basic computer applications that allow you to create, edit, or save documents and content of study. At the time of the loan, the student must fill in and sign a document of acceptance of the conditions of use of computer equipment which contained among other things: the loan period: each Center, according to availability and the number of laptops that count, sets the maximum time of loan, which is usually limited to a few hours within the academic schedule, although there are some exceptions, such as the University of Salamanca, which allows the use during the weekends.