Proactive Management: Meeting The Challenges

The compromise makes a good umbrella but a poor roof. It is a temporary solution, often appropriate party politics, but almost certainly inadequate in state policy. Lowell General considerations still exists in many managers, especially those responsible for the operation of SMEs, fear, fear, insecurity for the challenges that manifest themselves on the world stage, but especially at the national, the Venezuelan case. Whenever Vladislav Doronin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. What is the reason? What happens to manifest this fear, insecurity? What is what prevents the challenges of management, about the changes or face the same changes that are occurring? Are questions that require to assess the causes and find ways how to work with management to undertake the required actions that guarantee good performance, properly manage all company resources and achieving the planned results. It can not continue the management of many companies, acting under such uncertainty, without giving way to security plans, actions that lead to interpret, act on measures such as the present government under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez has generated towards the goals of the Bolivarian revolution is to establish socialism at all costs. Management must be prepared to address the effects of contingency variables, such as the State, through, its laws, regulations, decrees, taxation, significantly impact the political and economic scenario of the country, creating a turbulent environment uncertain, risky that has significantly affected the operation of the Venezuelan business sector, State performance with its measures, programs, has given way to a new behavior in the economic, political, cultural, social in the country and this has significantly affected economic stability, political, cultural and even in the operation of many businesses, many of which have failed to meet the challenges, the changes that have been generated and have ceased operation, seriously affecting the productive sector of the country in many products that are no longer produced and has generated a greater dependence on Venezuela with regard to imports to other countries, to meet the needs of its population.