Purifying revolution: ambiance tuning technique fittings manufacturer Dornbracht presents a unique, technological innovation, the water makes the experience in the shower. Transforming water: Ambiance tuning technique from Dornbracht. The cleaning revolution for the bathroom: Ambiance tuning technique fittings manufacturer Dornbracht presents a unique, technological innovation, the water at the source of the own well beings modeled. As a symbiosis of water experience, aesthetic architecture, minimalist design, ease of use and innovative control technology ambiance tuning technique redefines the showers. Ambiance tuning technique uses the power of water to the sensitive work on the mood of the user. The revival of the wet area is this made possible by a new and groundbreaking technology. A modular system architecture consisting of the water outlets JustRain, Watersheet and Waterbar and system components eTool, eValve and eSwitch allows you to play of unique water choreographies.

Due to the decentralized position of the innovative control unit eValve directly behind the individual water outlets, can be regulated the water flow and temperature individually for the first time and at the same time per outlet. The components of the ambiance tuning technique now assume the volume and temperature regulation, as well as the sequence of the different types of water jet automatically. Pressing once starts the approximately five-minute preset choreographies and replaced over 100 accurate and manual settings of water temperature and quantity. So attention is focused on the experience of the water and the purification of the body become the ritual for soul and spirit. The specially developed shower choreographies balancing, energizing and de-stressing are designed to work on the human dimensions of body, mind and soul. Balancing the water is the source of spiritual power the choreography creates the balance, balance, balancing, and donates comfort.

The comforting and fall off the jets of water affects the body as a gentle embrace, caressing a hand. Body easy access via the knob. Converts the ambiance tuning technique wish temperature and amount of water without delay. A light aura around the buttons and knob gives the user feedback on its current settings. eValve: The electronic eValve, which lies directly behind each outlet point, allows the change of the temperature and volume settings during the choreography. eSwitch: eSwitch is for power supply and communication between eValve and the control panel eTool responsible. The integrated service port in the eSwitch enables the configuration and diagnosis of the system by means of computer. Outlets: The outlets of the ambiance tuning technique come from the program of the balance modules (JustRain and WaterSheet WaterBar), supplemented with a complete hand shower set. You can be freely combined within the system architecture to allow the personal planning and configuration of shower application. Also, the modular design of the system (60 x 60-grid) known by Symetrics supports the high level of individuality and guaranteed at the same time a coherent overall picture. The use of the proven xGrid mounting rail ensures easy and accurate installation. Experience the evolution of showering under the corresponding Dornbracht microsite transforming water transported in movies the experience of the choreography of balancing, energizing and de-stressing and provides further information. In addition, the website offers inspiration for your individual shower Spa as well as a list of authorized dealer. Ambiance tuning technique will be available in the first quarter of 2011.