Susanne Gschrei

Also Problems that a volunteer engaged in everyday encounters, will be presented. The German voluntary work Association know what problems must deal with a Board of Directors in everyday life. Therefore, the experts of the Germany-wide association help the volunteers committed on the day of action. For seeks questions p. available the dedicated volunteer lawyer Roland Weber. Club tax questions the Dr Korner is a tax consultant & partner tax consulting company.

Both experts are specialised in the consulting of clubs and associations. The service team asks the caller according to the type of their cause and forwards them accordingly to the respective contact person. Hans Hachinger, Board of Directors of the Association German volunteering e.V., know how important is the social and voluntary commitment to Germany: to keep the overview and perspective in the law is not the actual task of volunteers dedicated people. That’s why we want to help the people that help. And social commitment “to promote, in addition, we will give you our new members a year Los of action man ‘.” German honorary e.V.

supports action man”all clubs and associations that join the German voluntary work Association until June 30, received as a welcome gift a year Los of action man”. With every new Member, the Association promotes German voluntary work therefore the social commitment in Germany. Aktion mensch”supports every month about 500 social projects in Germany. The basic goal of Aktion mensch”is the quality of life of people with disabilities, to improve people with social difficulties, children and young people. This action runs man”a social lottery. Lotteries and donations form the financial base of social work. About German VOLUNTEERING e.V. The German Volunteer Association supports voluntarily engaged people with his performances. The German Volunteer Association to the legal deals with expertise from ten years of experience as well as technical protection of volunteers dedicated people. Members of the German Association honorary e.V. can be all clubs, associations, foundations and communities of interest. With membership you will receive a seal of protection against liability risks”. The label confirms the tested safety for her voluntary work the boards of Directors and members and ensures extensive protection against personal liability risks. It stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection by club directors in relation to their volunteering. The services of the Association e.V. German volunteering include statutes examination, tax advice, legal advice, short-term event liability insurance, and property and liability insurance.