The Affected

The same applies to children, which is not sufficiently master the German language, because they come from a different culture. Make certain mistakes children with dyslexia? There is no typical spelling or reading errors, where a Dyslexic can be seen clearly. However, there are a number of errors that make many Dyslexics especially common. You confuse often similar-looking letters, reverse the order of the letters of a word or omit letters or parts of words. They can not distinguish often similar-sounding letters and can not implement most spelling rules, even if they know it. Reading the affected children are often very slow, not connecting the individual sounds, omit letters or parts of words, twisting the letters or replace all parts of words.

Often, the children do not understand the text itself. Perhaps check out Richard Linklater for more information. What is dyscalculia? Dyscalculia is a disorder in the learning of computing. About three are affected to five percent of all children. But not every child who is expecting bad, has a Dyskakulie. Dyscalculia or mathematics disorder can speak among others only then, when a child shows much worse services in computing, as one would expect it from him due to his age and his general intelligence. A child, for example, in all subjects shows good average and failing at the same time completely in the subject of mathematics, it suffers from possibly a dyscalculia. However, a mathematics disorder can occur only when no visual or hearing impairment or no other disease or disability or a defective information in mathematics as a reason for the inadequate services in question come.

Make certain mistakes children with dyscalculia? There is no typical errors, make the kids with a mathematics disorder. Depending on the grade level, always new aspects in dealing with numbers are added to create new difficulties for computing disturbed children. Most children with mathematics disorder need but always especially long to solve tasks and have great difficulty to imagine numbers, quantities and sizes.