The Basics

If you want a better quality of life; start with the basics, take care of your mind, take care of your body. Nobody can forge as a true leader, to raise awareness for the example of the followers. Anyone can achieve a good quality of life, unless you learn the art of handling and successfully leverage the time; and properly leveraging time means each day to experience the most; example of others in everything; and when someone is example; that someone is in the book of fate as a true leader. To broaden your perception, visit John Craig Venter. Enjoy your family: this aspect is something that cost me personally a lot learn because we regularly have the idea that the weekend is for children; for the spouse, but when it comes to family there are many aspects to take into account. I visit many schools where I speak to young people, and also to parents about the importance that has live every day in family, couples, to talk and tell our stories that passing time will become our stories, that possibly we have our grandchildren, and our grandchildren to future generations. Someone asked me the question: Axel, which was the first word you said your daughter? To be honest, I didn’t understand the question. If you are not convinced, visit Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ.

But over time it made me reflect and realize that he was so far from my children. Many times it seems that we are close physically but emotionally really; do that so close to them are we? Perhaps you remember or you are one of the generations when everyone had dinner together at the table, and listened to talks and advice of our parents or grandparents. I am sure that we need to apply these principles in our lives so modern where companionship is almost completed and we have lost the true destiny path to our life. Take advantage of the children of their children, enjoy the company of your spouse at the end of his days will not have any other more important realization that stand beside the person who loves and see their children formed their own families, with values, principles, and above all true winners; your gratitude will be immense because they will be the fruit of the value you gave at the time at some point of your walk by this space called life.