The Children

Due to such attacks, there were already first suicide. As a parent you should take here too early steps, however, in close contact with your child, before bullying becomes a self-perpetuating. Violence victims by Violence were multiple according to a survey in a ninth grade already over 16% (once), as well as almost 4%. This ranged from body injury, serious violence and sexual harassment and up to robbery, extortion and sexual violence. The perpetrators are mostly multiple offenders who have everything on the notch wood from vandalism, theft and violent crime (including personal injury). At first signs of violence against children, parents in collaboration with teachers to act are required. Should the teacher here cross stand, helps often only a change of school and a lawyer.

How can I protect because his family? The close contact with the parents nothing can replace of course, as well as enough space and opportunities. Nevertheless, GPS transmitters are in children and adolescents, this can to call the place if necessary (direct request) to the requested person is, or such as every 15 minutes to send the coordinates to you. Allows, such as trace, whether the school was maintained, or whether the children are really at a friend’s House. Also there are GPS transmitters with emergency button, should your child such as a severe allergic to suffer, and outdoors on the go be alone (very difficult to avoid allowing), then such a emergency button can save lives. In the case of a fall, know immediately where your child is located, and it needs your help. GPS transmitters can give is also hidden, should one occur suddenly to a variation of the route of the child, should check quickly what’s happening.

Furthermore, there are GPS devices are equipped with a microphone, should your child have such as poor handling or you suspect this, so can you listen just what happens there. This, of course, are to comply with the legal bases. With recording equipment, but also an evidence in the case of for example bullying can be carried. Threatening a perpetrator can be associated with writing reports and DNA analysis. The detective agency SD-safety is available on such difficult issues of course the page. SD safety Hauke guy / detective agency stuttgart.html