The Most Romantic Marriage Proposals

Germany has chosen: read the most beautiful & most creative marriage proposals at Munich, June 2009. You may want to visit vlad doronin to increase your knowledge. It is something of a tradition: also this year has its user called to submit the most romantic marriage proposals. Check with KDP to learn more. Micky Pant may also support this cause. Many touching and unusual requests were sent the visitors in turn were allowed to select the most beautiful. It was voted down and this is the result: right up front in the top ten of the request in the balloon was elected, on the day of the first game of Germany the European Championship in the summer. “Randomly so perfectly chosen was the date of the application that at the same time with their Yes!” a goal for Germany fell and went under the balloon of the freshly engaged a fireworks display over Hamburg.

Exactly this perfect timing was missing when the marriage proposal in Rome: just in the moment, in the ER in the romantic restaurant in the eternal city wanted to pull the ring out of his pocket, was the man at the next table on the knee and proposed the own accompaniment! The former had to be rescheduled in the hotel… So much misfortune deserves at least a consolation place in the top ten. All folded like clockwork it has application in Ireland. The bride-to-be was set on a hiking trip with tents and greenery and was surprised with a romantic castle hotel, luxury, champagne and a request! Faster than expected was the marriage proposal at a wedding. If you’re ever on the subject! After she had caught the bouquet of her newlywed friend on the traditional bridal bouquet toss, was her future husband before the whole wedding party on the knee and asked for her hand.

It lasted much longer to Yes!”when the fridge application”. “She was the magnetic letters on the refrigerator so lived no matter in what order they there taped that she proposed two months always again it passed, without looking, that he wanted the words you marry me?” had formed. Eventually, he was nervous and asked them but even he was suddenly not sure whether she had maybe seen it and deliberately ignored it. On the next On the refrigerator, day was a resounding Yes! An application with much preparation and public there was up to Ross. The future groom sent his girlfriend and her sister in a show with horses and riders to ride at the end even dressed up in the ring. There, he made his request before the whole audience. There is a complete collection of the most romantic marriage proposals on! Birthe RAC