Zen Science

The normal condition is the spirit not limited by concepts; It is the spirit that is not stagnant. In zazen it is flame the consciousness hishiryo: beyond thought and the no thought. The modern world, society, education, have programmed our behaviours, our vision of things and our way of life. The practice of zazen, which clears the duality and rebalances our bodies and our brains, makes us return to normal conditions and the unit with all things. The body becomes naturally strong, deep breathing, the broad, open spirit. Zen is the unifying principle that forms the root of the knowledge itself, beyond the differences of systems, values, Nations or races.

Although sometimes considered him as a religion or a philosophy, Zen is not resting on no dogma, no ideology. Goes directly to the heart of man, the living experience and the creative impulse before any formalization. Our age is characterized by a great development of science and of material means, but the conscience of man, his understanding of life and its relationship to the universe have little progress made. The scientific truth proceeds, but his explanations of the universe are still provisional, a theory supersedes the previous. In the same way as a geographic map is not landscape, scientific understanding of reality is an approximation but it doesn’t access the reality.

Today, science and techniques are much more at the service of the economy and the war than at the service of man. Human beings increasingly separated more than their natural environment and are prey to increasingly artificial desires. The material easily is often called progress. Zen is not opposed to science or to the technical. But a life too material creates an imbalance in the individual. Since it is the way of the Middle, the practice of zazen creates a balance between materialism and spirituality, material life and human consciousness.