Ambient Education

In the vision deCarvalho (2008) the EA establishes a set of practises come back toward diferentesaspectos of the relations between society and environment, consisting in a campoambiental. It considered that this ambient field will have to integrate action of governoe of the civil society, publishing book production on environment, beyond daformao of specialist. In this logic, the courses of formation of ambient specialists have been justificativos as: manager, educator, analyst, auditor to be acted in this new ambient field, in a perspective to interdisciplinar. Soon the incorporation of the ambient question in cotidianodas people can propitiate a new perception in the relations between the Human being, Society and Nature (ABLIO, 2008). American filmmaker describes an additional similar source. With this, to promote a reevaluation devalores and attitudes in the collective and individual convivncia, as well as, to strengthen anecessidade of being and acting as citizen in the brainstorming for local and national problemasambientais that harm the quality of life (DAYS, 2003; SATO, 2001). For consequence the present study it retakes metodolgico adiscusso on questions theoretical, focusing the conceptions ambient deeducao and urban space in the society contemporary. For in such a way, it intends to alert for the ambient questions, proceeding from the dispute for espaoe the disordered growth in the great cities and metropolises of the country. In this direction, it is looked to treat the defendidano EA Brazil from the social and urban theories where this is considered, comoelemento of social transformation and in the overcoming of the forms of dominaocapitalistas in the urban space.. Levi’s often expresses his thoughts on the topic.