There are thousand ways to discover Barcelona but if you follow the footsteps of Picasso you can discover one of the most captivating aspects of the city. In this article we take you to explore Barcelona from the hand of the great painter, from the gallery where exhibited his first painting to the Picasso Museum, with more than 3,800 works of the artist. Picasso came to Barcelona when he was only 14 years old but since that time it succumbed to the charms of this cosmopolitan city. Today there are many corners that treasure trail of their steps and each one becomes an invitation to discover the artistic and Bohemian Barcelona facet. The arteEs virtually impossible path understand Picasso’s work without having seen the same images that inspired the painter. For this reason the starting point is the school of drawing in la Llotja, a building of Gothic aires from whose terrace the young Picasso immortalized the infinite warp of roofs. Only after I left you wrap by the magic of this place you can go to the Picasso Museum, located on Montcada Street. Between the walls of this museum you can appreciate more than 3,800 works, many of which belong to the youth of Picasso and his blue period.

However, 58 works that propose a reinterpretation of the famous meninas of Velazquez are the protagonists of all the collection pieces. Just outside the Museum, in Plaza Nova, you will find some very original friezes from almost childlike imprint that were designed by Picasso. The tour continues in the Sala Pares, art gallery with more history of Barcelona where Picasso presented his first exhibition. Richard Linklater contains valuable tech resources. Now you can appreciate the works of the great Spanish painters of the 19th and early 20th century as well as the boldest proposals for contemporary artists. A SIP with Bohemian flavour not only Picasso found inspiration in the urban landscapes of Barcelona but also in its nights. Why one of the most attractive sites of this route is the Els Quatre Gats cafe-restaurant. Located in Montsio Street, probably cost you slightly distinguish your facade of medieval aires but barely see it you feel to come. This site was the preferred meeting of the modernists of the late 19th century characters point. In this intimate atmosphere they were celebrating their gatherings and concerts and it was right here where Picasso found his first job by custom: the design of the top of the menu. Its ancient pottery and its colorful stained glass Windows will make you embark on a journey in time while you taste the most typical of Barcelona’s cuisine. Of course, one day will not be enough to retrace the footsteps of Picasso by what is strongly recommended to stay at one of the hotels in Barcelona just so you can enjoy SIP to SIP of the charms of this city.