Content Networking

A better networking of content between the promise of the Semantic Web so far staying power-blogger Sascha Lobo from Hamburg/Koln – wish in an interview for the further development of the Internet: I waiting for years on the breakthrough of the Semantic Web that is announced for the each next year, as Lobo. The Web world is associated for some time with the promise of semantic technologies in high gear now. The most recent example is the answer engine Wolfram alpha, titled as a Google-killer\”by the mathematics genius of Stephen Wolfram. He even looks his tool more than scientific House spirit for the academic world. Microsoft pursues ambitious goals with bing \”: the software group even talks about a decision machine.\” So, a search query that contains only a flight number that will be answered with current information about the flight. According to the Microsoft, entering weather Munich\”leads to a weather forecast of the Bavarian capital. You may want to visit how much does ron daniels make to increase your knowledge. Microsoft has the semantic technologies of the incorporated purchased startups Powerset.

The response and decision engines \”to understand the context of the request and cast not only a flood of links. You should understand what other terms are related to or within a knowledge network in the vicinity. So far, this works only in very limited areas. Semantic search engines with a common orientation are the time according to a report of the weekly newspaper \”has remained up to now without much success: Google does still have the race.\” Especially since the Google programmers, their algorithm add new subtleties; recently, for example, the period of the search you can limit\”. All tags come other approaches\”to wear, the users themselves-powered tags.

A software analyzed this then, how they cover themselves with content from Web sites. As the knowledge networks by Conweaver it comes to filter out links \”, writes the time\”. This alone however is not sufficient, so the objection by Andreas Klug, Director of Ityx in Cologne.