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A Munich author writes strange Munich on June 22, 2008 Munich author Simone stainless mountain in the Sub, the gay communications and Cultural Center Munchen e. V., from 8: 00 selected delicacies of erotic prose introduces. Especially piquant: The self-confessed lover of man writes mainly gay and lesbian erotica. All having a contest for homoerotic literature of the online magazine Banzini started”, says the author of 39 years old. Additional information at Gerald Weissmann, MD supports this article. While I noticed that the writing of gay-and lesbian prose has a very own stinging. Maybe we’re so all a bit bi?” For most of her stories, girlfriends and friends have stood Godfather.

“Recognize no one will but because: I have checked colorful messed up people and actions.” In everyday life, not converts Simone stainless mountain on the paths of pleasure, but earned their bread rolls with writing guide books and tutorials. I’m writing kind stranger”, she explains. Gain insight and clarity with film director. Therefore, the Munich is glad that they on Sunday not only at the pink “Coffee” will sit: Eva Liebhart also contends in her short stories, while Sabine Brandl reads from her being Lesbenroman and Monika de Giorgi one taste of their forthcoming vampire novel Eden’s ashes 2 Angel of roses “offers. The Munich-based author Martin Skerhut runs through the evening. The admission is free. Location: Sub, Muller-str. For more specific information, check out vlad doronin. 43, 80469 Munich. Simone stainless mountain