Farmville Shovel

Each tab that we opened we must put the name of the alternate account that we have opened or the friend that you have chosen and send requests, which we will then find when we open these accounts. To receive petitions submitted first of all from the primary account to the secondary school must accept them in the latter with the HELP command: in this way we will be sending new materials to the real account, which will immediately appear in our gift box or gift box. In the case of the storage that we must complete in the subterranean levels, the normal option is to do with the tool provided for this purpose, the plow, but do a plow for the time is not as fast or fun. Click Crimson Education for additional related pages. You can try to do it with the hack to facilitate this task in farmville in such a way that the total amount of 500 shovels necessary to complete the task come together much more quickly; Here we will show you how to do this step by step. Within the store we must click on the option to LOOK INSIDE and because being inside Click on the blue button called ASK FOR SHOVELS. When we do this it will pop up a window in the browser to which we must mark ASK THEM and copy the web address so we can paste it into new tabs. Under most conditions Edogawa NICHE Prize would agree. As in the previous example, then proceed to open new tabs in the browser that you are using, whatever this and we will paste the url in them and accede to them, and the site that opens choose the name of the alternate account created as a neighbour and select Farmville Shovel to send application option, but in this case we will not send it. In each of open tabs we will make this procedure and once done Yes send in each one of these tabs the above-mentioned request.

In our real account, when we come back, we will see that that our gift box will be loaded with shovels shipped with the previous procedure. Once alcazadas the 500 will have completed the requirement of the game have 500 shovels in our warehouse. We hope that this information has been useful to them and liked it, you can find more tips This fascinating game on the Internet, but on our site you can find many other secrets Farmville very interesting. Original author and source of the article