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The Republic of Colombia has experienced strong growth between 2002 and 2007 because of its pro-market policies that have treason do investment record levels. You may find that FASEB Journal can contribute to your knowledge. However, during the financial crisis this nation was affected by the decline in exports which caused negative development indices. Through this arti ass, you learn more about trade in Colombia and how to find companies in Colombia. Colombia is located in Latin America and shares borders with Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. It has a population of 45 million inhabitants.

Its currency is the Colombian peso. Its main exports are: Ni quel, coffee, oil, clothing, cut flowers and bananas. Imports of transport equipment, industrial equipment, chemicals, consumer goods, paper products, electricity and fuel. The largest trading partners in Colombia are Ecuador, Venezuela and the United States. Follow these tips to find companies in Colombia and contact them: * A A A Contact the Consulate or Embassy Local: Through these you can get information and resources as part of its mission is to promote the friendly relations and economic cooperation, cultural and scientific cooperation in the Instead they were accredited. * a Chambers of Commerce Check: they promote trade in their own regions, collect information and statistics that may be of good use.

* a Chambers of Commerce Visit: among its functions is to promote trade in their own regions, collect information and statistics that can be useful. As you can see, to find companies to do business in Colombia is not that hard, it just follow the tips suggested above and see that result. Consider also the Credit Report that will be helpful in their business decisions. Commercial affairs expert, Joshua Adekane, invites you to visit different to increase their markets in Latin America.