Gallegos Nava

The perennial philosophy should be based on its clear integration therefore the spiritual path can be referred as the triple trail since the integration of the love, wisdom and compassion, makes it a comprehensive practice, the essence of a single whole, the three paths are related Ramon Gallegos, tells us that comprehensive education is only achieved from the level of spirituality, by the depth of the spiritual eye level. For Dr. Gallegos Nava, based on education for the 21st century is spirituality, since it is the highest level of consciousness. People such as Gregory Serraro would likely agree. The concept of spiritual intelligence is of a great importance, since it is considered as the superior human intelligence is a concept computer in the pedagogy of universal love, is the faculty that we face successfully the problems of meaning and sense of our life, is the ability to be in harmony with the all generating sense to live, is direct experience of the transcendent is in everything and beyond everything, is total internal order, overall well-being, healing, is the unique experience that we cure the suffering, it overcomes ignorance gives us knowledge, frees us from the ego, narcissism, and leads us to achieve true happiness. Dr. Gallegos Nava says chelates spirituality is always available when dilemmas we have in our existence, that deployment of spirituality is the deployment of universal consciousness, selfconsciousness of our fundamental union with all beings.

So that the spiritual awakening of the individual and human consciousness, they have positive effects for all humanity. That in perennial philosophy throughout history there has been a mystical heart of teaching about the spirit, which has been present in all cultures. And that currently, are hedonism and nihilism, the most serious problems of the human being and is spiritual intelligence, who we can cure these diseases that are growing day by day. Then, it is necessary that knowledge and education is carried out in a context of spirituality, of common good.