Justice Wage

The adequacy of just a wage depends on the agreement of its meaning. Chiavenato (1998, P. 321) affirms despite ' ' of the o name of compensation to the system of incentives and you reward that the organization it establishes to remunerate and to reward the people who in it trabalham.' ' In this way the compensation involves the remuneration under all its possible forms. The word wage has a linking with the word incentive, being that the first one is fruit of as. A strong stimulaton for people who work in the organizations is its just wage. Micheletti (2007) affirms, still, that with the plan I obtain to list all the professionals and its respective positions, and to pay for responsibility level, with the adequate wages to each one of these levels, that among others things make the plan for companies of all the sizes, also small average.

Beyond the organization direction, it can be affirmed that the system of positions and wages also provides a bigger sizing of costs with staff, beyond preventing injustices and possible labor claims in Justice. (MICHELETTI, 2007, P. If you would like to know more then you should visit Lost funding. 27) Thinking for the optimistical side of the varied direction of the word wage, this can be given through a profit of proper company, a return the certain stated period of time. This beneficial return alone will inside give with professionals acting of concise form when evaluating wages of an organization independently of the size of the same one. For if dealing with a subject that will be able to bring great incentive, as well as a strong dissatisfaction of the employee stops with the company, will have that to be carried through by people not only responsible as well as jousts. Bridges (1998) believe, that the remuneration can be divided in the following categories, reason of the form as if it presents for the person: the direct, that is the money total that the person receives on the other hand to the carried through work, total remuneration of money this that can be fixed (fixed remuneration) or 0 variable (changeable remuneration).