Kobrah Khorasmshah

Ghazi enlightened him about the truth behind of this man. The philosopher asked a Pferdeknecht to put on the simple clothes and to give, as it did then. Then he asked the rulers: How do you know that the other Sufi Masters are not as sign and nothing more than a simple Pferdeknecht behind? A philosopher, however, is very very different. When he speaks, you take what he says with your mind and step by step follow the logic of his movements. He analyzes, compares, has called into question. It takes truly many steps and tests, to get there, where is a philosopher. To become a Sufi, but one must do as your Pferdeknecht.” This experience was shaken in his turning to Nadschmadin-e Kobrah Khorasmshah and he turned more and more to Ghazi, was combined with the ayatollahs, representing a rigid Islam and gave up his interest in mysticism. Finally, the Sufi was killed master Madschdedin-e-Baghdadi on the basis of a fatwa of Islamic ayatollahs on the orders of Khorasmshah, the father of Rumi and other Sufis that the Sufis had lost the mental battle in the Khorasmischen Empire and the time had come to leave Balkh, realized quickly.

It was evident Ghazi’s involvement, that Khorasmshah drunk the command to kill. had signed. The spirit fight had bloody consequences. As morning dawned on him that what he had done, Khorasmshah regretted the command, but it was too late. He rushed immediately to Nadschmadin-e-Kobrah, the Sufi, to apologize. Kobrah opened him curtly, this bloodshed have decided the fate of the Empire. Two years later, uberrollten Mongol hordes to the Kingdom and caused a bloodbath among the population. Khorasmshah went down with his Kingdom, Nadschmadin-e Kobrah was killed by the Mongols. New beginning in Konya, Centre of the regions, gateway to Europe h.g.: how is Rumi’s escape family in storm of the Mongols, because they captured not only the Siberian expanses, but also Balkh? Dr.A.: Rumi’s family was already there under the pretext of a pilgrimage to Mecca, in search of a new place to work.