Monterrey School

Remained so always a proactivity of extension through workshops, seminars, lectures, in which involved several times in order to project to the school, the image of the same Faculty of chemistry. Aspect, which I think it should be very effective, since it is an effective way to publicize the Community achievements, also link in pro provide answers, solutions, to problems in the region of the business sector by then. Established an agreement among teachers who formed the first floor of teachers (where I was involved in some chairs), the importance of which the transmission of knowledge shall bring about to new ones, to conduct research, linked with the problems, needs of the business sector in the region. Long term agreed, Service Advisory, consulting on management topics, as well as training professionals with courses, workshops in company development. Never lost perspective view in each of the chairs the possibilities of transforming into business units that conducive to school with income that you would count with modern audiovisual media, books and their teacher were true guarantor of the services provided, as facilitators of academic excellence. Remained always the opening search for experienced teachers, I try to persuade the EGADE, some were willing to help us, once already instituted, running the school.

Always considered the possibility of a rapprochement with EGADE in order to strengthen the postgraduate courses in the region, had scheduled meetings, conferences, exchanges, research (Aspect that I do not know as they have tried) In my capacity as Acting Coordinator once the engineer Ricardo Delgado appointed me I went to the Tec to talk with Dr. Gonzalez Arce to expose our concerns of rapprochement and collaboration of teachers and exchanges, aspect that said would consider it. On one occasion in an educational meeting that took place in Monterrey, we had the opportunity to participate and meet with EGADE. Meeting where we released on EGAII. I have NO knowledge about who were the first graduates of the master in management, but to them my sincere congratulations and thanks for your perseverance, for being initiators of a project that is now a reality for the greatness of Mexico.