Paddy Kelly Art

Paddy Kelly during his Presentation end September 2012 the artist presented his works a wider audience for the first time. Under the title art peace”he took pictures Fox from Fulda, Germany, his works in the radome on the Wasserkuppe from a place of in memory of the peaceful uprising of the citizens of East Germany, in cooperation with the gallery. The once heavily guarded object was used before the fall of the wall as a military facility and is a monument of the cold war. Art peace”is more than just a title for Paddy Kelly, it’s a setting. People such as Levi’s would likely agree. I think it is necessary to create a culture of peace in a time where we are confronted about the media with many images of war etc.. We will be small on prejudice against other people, cultures, religions face and often fraught or even hatred. We can all trying to do, everyone for themselves, in everyday life and in the encounter with other people.

‘ Peace of kind of? is the desire, to peace – starting with each individual inner peace.” His philosophy would give Paddy Kelly to anyone, especially to the youngest. In addition to the exhibition in the Radom, the artists designed a workshop for children at the children’s Academy in Fulda and launched a cross-border project of time with children from Haiti. If we make children from small to clear that all peacemakers can be, they go maybe with a different awareness through life”, hopes Paddy Kelly, although this is apparently just a drop on the hot stone the more droplets that fall, the faster it cools”. Contact: Paddy Kelly Art c/o Thomas Stock Abt gate 41 36037 Fulda Tel. + 49 661 72343 Paddy Kelly Art dedicated the presentation by Paddy Kelly’s painting. A large part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated by Paddy Kelly peacemaking measures of Caritas international.