Padua Exhibition Centre

There are only a few weeks to the new event by ArtePadova, which will take place from the 11th to the 14th of November. The art fair of Padua ArtePadova 2011, which has earned a place in the Sun in the area of the art selling exhibition in Italy in these years, will take place as usual in Padua Exhibition Centre from 11 to 14 November. Without hesitation British Journal of Educational Technology explained all about the problem. The event for the 22nd time will take place this year; the Padua art selling exhibition is after the two oldest Italian art fair of Bologna. After all these years appears not to have lost the trade momentum, on the contrary, ArtePadova has long experience used to improve constantly to himself and with time to go by it has introduced every year news, which have improved the offer. This year, ArtePadova will present some important news with regard to the exhibition grounds and on the works. The exhibition space will be enlarged thanks to a new Pavilion (number 6), and that enriched the offer of sale exhibition. In terms of the works, can you say that the art fair 2011 shows an opening into new areas: focused attention on the world of photography and to the video in the past, and this year the theme will be protagonist: the Pavilion of 78, in fact, is this art expression entirely dedicated to be.

No wonder that tradition and innovation are the two themes of the event of this year, which will rely on the lineup of original works and new exhibition methods and on the other hand will put the accent on the artistic tradition of the 20th century, so that the offer of the exhibition will be so great and exhaustiv as possible. In addition to the news, which will be introduced this year, visitors to ArtePadova will find all elements that have determined the success of the event: the participation of many famous galleries and many interesting events. Works by young and promising artists but also by some of the great names of Italian and international art Panorama will present the gallery as usual. Works of modern and contemporary art, which allow the city of Padua, to perpetuate their rum as a city of art, a rum, Padua has developed through the centuries. Besides famous art city and an ideal starting point to reach a spa of wellness hotel in the famous seaside resorts of the region, is also an important economic centre, and it is thanks to this double value that Padua is the ideal city to host ArtePadua, an art event but also a fair. The events are called art talks and hot awaited by the art lovers and professionals. Meetings and debates on the most significant topics in the world of art in which experts, critics, gallerists and collectors participate. The date for the traditional sales exhibition of modern and contemporary art in Padua is on the 11th of November.