In such a situation our State of mind is affected significantly, therefore our concern translates into sadness, discouragement, anxiety, aggressiveness in some cases, social isolation, low self-esteem ultimately whether we are affected in a direct way or not, the discouraged is general. At the physical level this discouragement can result in disorders of sleep or food, as well as other types of effects that in some cases could be more worrying. All of these symptoms can lead us to suffer a depression of which we can be difficult to quit. On the other hand this fact can lead us to the consumption of different substances (alcohol, drugs), to make us momentarily forget our reality, but that once past its effects us returned fully to it. It is clear that for many people who really are in a tragic situation where do not have access to the articles of first necessity, all These symptoms will be aggravated. We do not trust in our politicians and their speeches filled with promises, because we see that our general welfare state is seen or may be affected unless each of us can do something about. And in a situation like this how we face optimistically before one day to day that on many occasions it is difficult and hard for many people? And that can make for not falling sick to a situation like this? The word CRISIS has its origin in latin crisis which in turn comes from the Greek word. Originally this term means juncture of changes in any aspect of a reality organized but unstable, subject to evolution.

According to the definition which gives us the Diccionario de la Real Academia Espanola the word crisis means: important mutation in the development of other processes, whether in physical order, either historical or spiritual.; Situation of a subject or process when in doubt the continuation, modification or cessation. If we then stick to its etymological meaning, we can observe that the word crisis does not have in its origin the same meaning today it has for each of us, if not indicating a period of change that does not always have to have associated negative connotations. Perhaps this is the message that we should stay. We have a moment where we must try to be optimistic and appreciate those little things that every day we can deliver. It may be that we can no longer go as often to dine at a restaurant, or we can not buy us expensive clothes but that importance can have if we appreciate little things like being able to share a nice time with our family or find a moment to chat with our friends? By that are not going to be able to be able to laugh again? The human being has always had the ability to adapt to new situations, faced critical moments that have enabled it to evolve. Click The Journal of Educational Research for additional related pages. Perhaps in this period of crisis each one of us can emerge stronger, with more awareness of the value of what we have and we have not been able to assess in moments of haste and stress. Maybe we can compare ourselves with the Phoenix that resurgent from its ashes. We must convey to our children a feeling of optimism, where not all the happiness is based on material wealth. We must make them understand that there are other values that they will know when they take charge of their lives. *