Supreme Mind

But also for the construction of the psyche of the Supreme Mind is the mass value. The concentration of reasonable quality in a mass much higher than in the primary energy. Hear other arguments on the topic with NSW Department of Education. Reasonable quality in the mass, with decreasing temperature, in locations with the highest concentration and enabling environment, creates life. Development life, due to exchange with the environment, gives rise to the psyche. Psyche as it develops in a person from the unconscious mind is given birth. In the dialogue of consciousness and the unconscious mind develops – a reflection of the objective world in concepts, models, theories, since there is perfect peace.

The concept of consciousness is one of the toughest in psychology. The essence of consciousness is manifested in a general view on the development of the universe. As a person sees consciousness? There is something, it can sometimes watch the man with the hand, although there is in man himself. Can leave the person, not isolation from it. as much experience in this field. Can not do anything, just contemplate. That something is an extract human psychic energy, turning into self-education, and emerging from the physical body.

This is the education, seeking a perfect world, and having his flesh. People have long noticed this process and called extract of the psychic energy of human souls. There is much evidence of the existence of the soul outside the body, particularly in border states. In energy education includes these clusters of mental energy, as high quality part. Education is an elementary particle of the psyche of the Supreme Mind.