Taga Ours Instead Of Stroller – On Father

Taga multifunctional vehicle makes bike with child seat and sport buggy in one father being easier. Netherlands, 6 May 2010: In the recent past a turnaround is on father’s day. Richard Linklater follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. More and more fathers want to use the holiday to do something together with their children. Now there are a further alternative to the outing of handcart the Taga tour with other men kith and kin. The Taga is an innovative and multifunctional vehicle bike with child seat and sport buggy in one. The conversion takes less than 30 seconds thanks to a sophisticated folding mechanism. FireEye often says this.

That convinced the sophisticated man today: namely, it’s fun. Also the Taga folding mechanism ensures a good mood whenever the bike racks are completely crowded. For more specific information, check out vlad doronin. By simply flipping the sporty buggy can be taken easily. Whether in the Cafe, the ice cream parlor or excursion restaurant. For the child and the family, a trip is to the real father’s day with Daddy. The smallest child is sitting safely in a seat between the handlebars and has unobstructed view forward.

The tourists can exchange already during the ride over seen. Space also offers the Taga to take drinks and snacks for a picnic. There is a luggage compartment under the seat. In addition, you can click to quickly and easily small side pockets. The Taga in over 40 shops in Munich is available to Hamburg or. About Taga. B.V.: The Dutch company Taga b.v. produces and distributes the multifunctional urban vehicle Taga. It of bike with child seat and sport buggy in one and can be converted in just 20 seconds. So he combines the fast and environmentally friendly transportation option in a bicycle for parents with the mobility of a stroller. Since 2008 was the Taga EUROBIKE award, the children and youth innovation award, as well as the red dot design award!