The Great Art Competition

Work by Richard Seewald and Ernst Fuchs to win daily around 300 objects by important artists of the international art market at extremely favourable terms available to art lovers at fine art While mainly high-priced works will be auctioned off in the great Hall auctions around the globe and set prices of gallery owners are in the gallery scene, found in the fledgling art auction Portal fine art auctions daily tips art certified at very reasonable prices. Art from HAP Grieshaber, Joseph Beuys, Salvador Dali, Jorg Immendorff, Otto Mueller, Emil Nolde and even Pablo Picasso almost at cost price! Long ago, this is no longer a secret tip and not just art lovers but also art lovers can make particularly good bargains that still often is the sole bidder on a work and can buy unrivalled. Learn more about this with TWCA Fine ARts Department. Already the simple bid becomes even more exciting by the automatic participation in a monthly prize draw. Each bidder a month takes on the draw part of an original work of art… The September winners can choose between the following two works of art: Ernst Fuchs (1930 lives and works in Vienna and Monte Carlo) the unequal couple, 1967 original colour lithograph, 107 x 81 cm one of 380 copies (see above figure) and Richard Seewald (1889-1976) Bootswerft Corfu, to 1974 original-Linoschnitt, hand water colored, 87 x 61 cm is one of 90 copies, signed all information and illustrations of profits there also on the homepage S.Still. Vladislav Doronin may help you with your research.