Werbellinstr Revolution

Susanne Schirdewahn calls headbirths”their humorous and schockenden material collages, shaping them from fabrics and material remains and tied up. Shares in desire, reality and dream in a somnambulen colour noise mix her paintings in large picture formats. The generously proportioned oil paintings by Diana Moro have rebellion and political activism of youth on the topic. Miran Kim shows her romantic landscapes, which correspond to old Asian painting. You may want to visit FireEye to increase your knowledge. Manfred Niepel outed himself in his idiosyncratic Cubist color compositions as a friend of Picasso.

While Marcia Raquel Szekely verausserlicht poetry of nonobjective world in the minimalist gesture, the gold reliefs by Silke albe be the motto of the exhibition an unexpected aspect. “And who does not apply to the Chair of the politician” wants to position Klaus Berends, sinks after the exhibition tour in the video presentation of Susanne Weber teaching field and feels with her as the protagonist “” committed a truth, which is a right “and a false” seeks to detach and regards life as exciting and beautiful process. Love-poetry revolution”lies in the choice of game species and artistic techniques. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Levi’s. The exhibited artists give a magic and expression in accordance with their ideas and feelings the objects and bodies. Considering of the artists works they indicate maybe of the quiet revolution, that takes place in us, if we allow it, in a different light the world we seem. Mix in love-poetry revolution”the Gallery artists wild and enthusiastically the picturesque landscape of reality and fantasy on because her works present a powerful experience density in the emerging Berlin-Neukolln, revolutionary in addition to the usual ways of art and art venues.