Abrahan Maslow

Much generosoA first reaction that normally occurs is to find ' ' one absurdo' ' , or to question ' ' he will be that this people does not see what is happening? ' ' , we use until dictated popular to describe such situation (as the celebrity ' ' to give to the fish and not it pole pra pescar' '). Here it is that one day I enter in a lesson and I come across myself with a pyramid with strange name: Pyramid of Abrahan Maslow. I perceive that the first necessities that the man searchs to supply are to eat, to drink, to live, and, as in a videogame game, it will not pass to the next level if not to complete that one. How I can, then, to demand of that population a queerness how much what it happened there, if they were only starting to fill its physiological necessities? I do not want to argue which are the limits of the emergenciais and assistenciais politics, until point they are effective, or when that they start to be ' ' it covers buraco' ' , however, I question as they reveal to the citizens for implement who them and as we deal with still present the clientelstico phenomenon in the picture Brazilian politician. The example of the cited city hall is alone an experience that I could see of close, and knows that cases as this happens in all country, for all the beings. It is on of the necessity – which the proper State left to supply that gifts, blessings, gifts, or any symbol that do not mean ' ' dever' ' , they are being distributed for I change there it of the choice of who I want that it represents my yearnings and my demands in the enclosure for bullfighting politics. I come back my eyes toward the pyramid and I do not condemn the ones that change vote for ceiling. Of form some I say that such is one practical acceptable one, I only distrust that the real problem is not there.

As well as if &#039 uses the expression; ' empty bag does not stop in p' ' mentioning the act to it to eat, I also apply it to the act to exert the duty politician of each citizen. If I do not have the law in me, if I do not know it, or if nor I am capable to read it, then, I faint if any breeze to push me pra or pra there here. Those, then, that they are judged capable to evaluate the effect of the public politics, are worried in, when they will be able to implement them or to elaborate them, to feed the ones that need something so that the least is in foot. To start for teaching to read and to write, not to copy characters, but in way that when having the contact with the texts constitutional less does not accept nothing of what the law. The corruption of the democracy 1, then, will be eliminated slowly to the measure that the public politics if to show as part of a set of duties foreseen for stony clauses, where the citizen of the sentence is a citizen, and not a customer. 1 the bargain of the vote is defined by Francisco Pear tree of Would make as representative of the corruption of the democracy.

Public Education

The manipulation politics of the resources and the distribution of income also are strong aggravations that directly affect the wage of professors of public education. In the states and cities economically developed the wages they are a little better, but they do not attract the competitiveness and they become desestimulante due the high cost of living. To be professor in the North of the country, for example, is a challenge, therefore in a region whose inflation is of 6,8% to the year, greater that of Brazil, professors has that to make jugglings to reach significant a economic standard and thus to satisfy its necessities of consumption. The WAGES AND FORMS OF REMUNERAO OF the PROFESSORS IN BRAZIL Research made for the PENAD? 2006 had evidenced that the wage average of the professors in Brazil is of R$ 927,00, and the medium one, the point where 50% of the professors receive below from this value is of R$ 720,00. In accordance with the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education? LDB – Law n 9394/96 in its article 61 to 67 the dedicated one to the professional of the education in its emphasis given to the formation of the professor, describes on questions as the professional valuation, plain and career and the wage floor, but without fixing no concrete base or ways for the efetivao of such proposal leaving the positions of state and municipal managers. In relation to the dedicated time to the studies, planning and evaluation of the professors, are located that this is enclosed in the horria load of the professor. However one observes that these activities are carried through outside of the horria load, therefore 4 daily hours are of effective exercise in classroom, 20 hours in the total, and 5 hours of planning it divides many times between planejamentos, meetings, studies and all the activities demanded for the pedagogical work. .

I Vote In The Education

I vote in the Education the way of the society route what he almost understands for civilization, with all its good ones and that impracticable feelings and predicates translated the cleanness of the character, hombridade, dignity, ethics, respect, moral (without moralismo), donation, altruism, passion, compassion and etc, etc, and etc, is the education. The parents open this way to the children that is completed by the school. (A valuable related resource: American filmmaker). He would have thus to be. The good education allows the citizen to carry critical census, to walk without fear to step on in the proper decency. It is basic that has it as norteadora compassing for all its actions. It is the shield of the forts and the force of the weak ones, independendo of wealth or poverty, creed and color. He is something that comes of the cradle. One does not become for decree, plan, nomination, election or any another measure that if approaches to indication or drawing.

Of the one not to invent what it comes of cradle. However and in the counterpart, he is excellent to partilhar the idea of that earning a good stonecutting in the pertaining to school seats, mesclando it the good education and of good quality, what it is born comfortable in a bed can be changedded, theoretician and practically, in a continuous and inexhaustible exercise of beneficial actions to the society. It is the education in its social movement. What it is a terror to that they believe that he is dangerous to educate the people. For this fear we have this there. A good education. He is what parents and mothers wait of the children when they give free signal to them to enter for the open doors of the world, having in the school an opening for the start of what can be a great adventure, whose initial chapters begin in the daily hours of lessons.

Continued Education

In a citizenship concept, the education is not an attribute only of the school, it occurs in all possible environments where if they establish the learning process: Article 1 – the education encloses the formative processes that if develop in the familiar life, in the convivncia human being, the work, the institutions of education and research, in movements partners and organizations of the civil society and in the cultural manifestations. (Law N 9.394? of 20/12/1996? I give of 23/12/1996) In such way, in the education for the field and the field, if it must search the full development of the involved being in the process teach-learning, in view of, that exactly liveing in not urban area, is assured right it the education and all its benefits. Click de shaw for additional related pages.

The Notebook Secad 2 (BRAZIL, 2007), developed for the Secretariat of Continued Education, Alfabetizao and Diversidade of the Ministry of the Education, defines as schools of the field, those that have its headquarters in the geographic space classified by the IBGE as agricultural, as well as the identified ones with the field, exactly having its headquarters in considered areas urban. These last ones thus are considered because the populations of cities take care of whose economic, social and cultural production mainly is tied with the field. In the schools of the field, generally for being located in communities with a pertaining to school population in lesser ratios, the amount of school registrations materialize it is differentiated significantly of the schools located and characterized as pertaining the urban spaces. (CALDART, 2003) Of this form, it can be perceived that the education of the field is differentiated of the modality of education in urban area, in view of its pedagogical peculiarities and necessities, since the vision of the peasant without no preparation is had, not even the alphabetization necessary to correctly behave front to the impasses that if present in the field..


We cannot accept that members of the house of representatives, who would have to preserve and to give incentives to the education they place in a basic commission for the development of the country the Commission of Education, an almost illiterate member of the house of representatives, who had to prove that wise person at least to read, making a test of reading. Then it was nominated by its pairs to be part of the Commission of Education, it is as all know the Tiririca, that I eat clown was fenomenal but to decide problems, to create laws, to seem for the education does not have the minimum knowledge on these subjects. I decided to write this text so that the ones that to read and that to be infuriated as I, can manifstar myself against these disobediences of the members of the house of representatives. We as society have that revealing in them against attitudes as these that our representatives had taken, without the minimum respect for the educators who fight for an education of quality. As it goes to be now the relative decisions of this member of the house of representatives the education. Or it will have a mere illustrative position, what he wounds our education still more and he makes with that each time more in them let us become a country that serves of chacota for the developed countries..

Academic Directory

Contradictorily to the verborragia socialist, the reforms proposals for Marina Hiss and its PV, are based in the call capitalist sustainable development instead of a socialist model development echo that protects in fact the environment and the people and one remodel of the education that she searchs to value the transforming professor as subject and not as mentally ill as she made the PSDB and, now, the PT. That is, confused and recoils front what the PSOL accumulated (critical of the financial capital, structural corruption, social reforms, etc.). Exactly for this lack of strategical clarity and the innumerable tactical errors as to the approval of this mediocre wage floor she is that parliamentarians as Severiano Alves and Alice Portugal, cannot be spokesman of the professors in the national congress in the 2010 elections. Therefore we are certain that the objectives of the daily pay-candidacy of PROFESSOR CARDOZO the REPRESENTATIVE are basically of interest of the base of being represented in fact by one parliamentarian come of the base and with a history of fight for education and for the professionals on it. By the same author: Richard Linklater. A HISTORY OF FIGHTS. Another recurrent argument for the efetivao and defense of the candidacy of PROFESSOR CARDOZO on the part of the SECTORIAL one OF EDUCATION of the PSOL is its history of fight. PROFESSOR CARDOZO is natural of Conceio of the Almeida-Ba, is the room son of a twelve total, to the eleven years came to study in Salvador, to the fourteen, already he was of the Bosom of the College where he studied, to the sixteen, if the Youth of the PT filiou where it remained until the election of Squid in 2002, with the gone one of the PT for the liberal social model, if it disconnect of the same, and, fidiciary office to its principles ideological politician, goes for the PSOL, already in the College he is elect first, for the Directory Academic and later for the DCE, where conquest the pardon for the debts of the devoid students and the creation of an Educative Credit Financed by the proper University Catholic who benefited five a thousand devoid pupils more than.Still as student and working in commerce to defray the personal expenditures, filia it the Union of the Commercial employees of Salvador and participates actively of the reconstruction of the same and participates and helps to organize the great strike of 1985. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard Linklater and gain more knowledge..