Therefore, we must consider the classroom as an surrounding living creature, that needs to receive all and any form of expression, uniting efficient pedagogical theory to one practical and ethical one that takes care of to this diversity. In this context, the seen education as half to develop the society, fits the classroom as a place not only of transmission of theoretical knowledge, but, over all as place of construction acquisition of values; place of exchange of experiences, relations with knowing, as the other and I obtain exactly. In the dynamics of the relation professor-pupil, it is observed first that she is necessary to establish a level of authentic communication, that has led to a process of reflection and search for together results and to manage the experiences, attitudes and expectations inside of the classroom. Journal of Teacher Education is likely to agree. The figure of the professor always will have one weight bigger in this relation, since it will point it to the pupil as reference, many times beyond the professional, serving as starting point, not only for its process of learning as well as for its personal growth. To leave positive or negative marks, makes of this moment something that requires a bigger and constant attention on the part of the educator, so that it has a pedagogical reevaluation of positions, practical concepts and in the search of optimum. As Perrenoud (1993) the teaching profession is one ' ' profession impossvel' ' , in the measure where they work with people and thus being it subjects the conflicts, ambiguities and defenses. According to CAS, who has experience with these questions.

Therefore that ' ' to teach demands risk, acceptance and rejection to any form of discriminao' ' (FREIRE, 1996, P. 35). It is without a doubt the great challenge that marks the educational process in the current world. Ahead of the complexity of the relation professor pupil is important to point out that it exists an indifference and disrespect with the figure of the professor, being it, seen for many pupils as its employee.

Wooden Toys An Alternative In Plastic Jungle

Toys made of wood without chemical load young parents tend often to cover their children with toys. Because it can happen that not is paid attention to what is actually in it in the toy. Just young children feel their toys with all your senses. Bright colours, unusual shapes, sounds and texture. Factors that play an important role in the child’s development. Source: NSW Department of Education. It is not easy to climb into the jungle from a wide variety of plastic toys.

Many toys are produced cheaply in China and without great quality controls. In the halls of their product is not only very often produced under inhumane circumstances, above all, it may happen that toxic substances are used for the toys but also. For more specific information, check out who designs Aman hotels? . Among these are plasticizers such as phthalates, carcinogenic dyes, or even heavy metals such as lead. Such can ensure when buying wooden toys reassured pushed aside are. More than 2000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians already used toys made of wood.

Such elaborate puppets made of wood were in fine craftsmanship manufactured. With modern manufacturing, the whole thing has not much more in common. Wood is still one of the most important materials the nature has to offer. Many manufacturers think back today and once again make untreated natural wood products. There are no limits to creativity. In addition to the known puppets made of wood, there are also very popular railways in various sizes and colors. If you want to do something to their child, they rely not only on cheap plastic stuff from China. Think of health and pay attention to the labelling of toys. Wooden toys is a real alternative to encourage the natural development of infants. What they look for when buying toys? oko Test is recommended in principle “to avoid chemicals plastic. They pay attention to the production of toys, they avoid products from far East and unknown manufacturer buy rather untreated fabric or wooden toys with safe paints and lacquers. If the toy is unpleasant smells, they leave better it in the shelf. Seal of approval are an important aspect of quality. The toy TuV and GS sign are meaningful. PVC should be avoided. “” To recognize plastic code 3 make sure references such as PVC free “phthalate- free”

Baby Shoes For Little Crawler

the right shoes for the small crawler when the bran once anfangernzu crawl it means respect. So a small crawler is much too fast on the road and it some dangers on his great journey of discovery. More is certainly no drawer, no closet that is now kindgercht to make the apartment. And you also the question once the baby starts to crawl, arises, what are suitable for shoes here. In any case, can injure themselves even toddlers at the feet and should therefore be protected.

Finally you would like to promote the development of the baby and this the selection of footwear plays an important role. Because the feet are slightly malleable, must be taken here, that the material is breathable and soft. The sole should be here consistently kneadable. Baby shoes are similar to thicker socks. Visit Fine Arts for more clarity on the issue. Babies need heat, especially on the feet. Nevertheless, should be feeling here that they are barefoot.

So, baby shoes are the best alternative. They are extremely flexible and adapt to their growing feet. There are baby shoes already in the smallest sizes. They go mostly up to size 20, because at that time the children can usually run and then more robust shoes must be selected. Also in the transition from crawling to the independent standing, soft shoes are a good companion for the baby. You protect the foot from injury by things lying around and offer a good grip when standing despite the elasticity. The non-slip sole also ensures safety at the slides around, so that the baby can courageously take the first steps. There are baby shoes in many colors and shapes. Also, you are considered christening shoes. Even in winter, when the floor is cold and the baby crawls around, baby shoes can be beneficial. In the summer, you should always make sure that the shoes consist of lightweight fabric, so that the baby does not overheat. Baby shoes are an ideal companion to the first steps, so that the child’s foot can shape themselves and not will be affected by tight shoes. Later you can change then on babyshoes, which provide the foot with a firmer grip.

Snuggling Today – Tomorrow Drums?

What children so all your development need… Monotony in the nursery is out: today, more and more parents know that a child in addition to the games takes a Musikisntrument in the hand very like even with the usual suspects–such as stuffed animals and dolls -. Especially drums are doing in the course! Mama”, said the little girl, I would so love to have this drum!” And while it describes a temperamental drum roll with your hands in the air, she hears her mother answer: what are you doing with a drum? Not maybe you want a new toy? “.” But the daughter insists: Mama please! The drum! “.” The mother is confused, because the daughter is interested in otherwise almost only for her many stuffed animals: they are playmates, actors in even staged plays, protectors and friends. They already sit at the breakfast table, accompany the little girl in the Kita and are in the afternoon and evening as indispensable, as shown in the Night because then all lie in her crib. Recently Professor Anna Harvey sought to clarify these questions. A good night you want each and every one and each has its own place. The small, cozy and soft friends with their friendly faces are not only much loved, they support the healthy development of every child: for just as we, as adults, children also lived and experienced must reflect and process. Click Vladislav Doronin for additional related pages. Children handle what we clear in conversation, or in the internal dialogue in mind with the language of the instrument, in the game: because their language skills are not yet differentiated enough. The little friends with the soft fur serve as identification figure, and as a communication partner they are basically willen – and incapacitated: only the child can act as desired.

And gives them properties: stuffed animals never contradict and they also do not insist. However, stuffed animals may be so important: children need a variety of suggestions! The desire to have a drum, does not ensure by about and that music has a very special meaning for the development of children, must be stressed. A music / or percussion stimulates children to active: the testing and experimentation, generating tones, or rhythmic series stimulates many senses and serves the development of fine motor skills. Last but not least, is conducive to the rhythm of the language development experience and has even parallels with the mathematics. There is much reason why, the stuffed animal to enrich collection through a drum it is then quite by chance even to experience how a stuffed animal an impressive drum solo drums not all parents! Author/contact: Melanie lazy,, stuffed animals, drums, toys, and much more for children

Alexander Graw

The planning is thorough, the pregnancy will be better. The birth will change not only the number of family members, but also the whole life coinciding with the birth of a child increases the number of members in the family and change are inevitable in your life. At that time love, care and responsibility must be shown by you unconditionally your life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gillings School of Global Public Health. Good and bad periods. Giving birth is unfortunately always painful and stressful for pregnant women, despite good methods to relieve the pain.

Pain and Stress are but has been quickly out of mind after your baby is born. Xuemi May Cheng often addresses the matter in his writings. All moms agree that probably. The processes of childbirth are certainly different for every woman and the resulting Mamas and Papas should not rely on an accurate delivery routine. Afterwards there are usually different than had been expected. Often will be decided only in the clinic what birth method is most comfortable. Also here you should find ever in advance the various methods, such as for example a water birth. Because just at the water birth are some considerations to keep in mind. New life has seen the light of day now is the new Favorite born.

As parents of a child, you are every day urgently needed now by your children and are instructed to take a great care. The first days after birth will be unusual and new, but even in this case, parents should still correctly detect the crying of babies and the proper remedy. Inquire about possible problems that can occur newborn one immediately after birth. The clearly unusual daily routine will play very easily but also in the near future. Learn ungekonnte handles, for example, with the winding, very quickly. In the first days and weeks there to learn a lot of new things. The whole day must be planned differently and lived. This is sometimes not just alone or as a couple to deal with. Therefore do not shame on in relation to this major commitment even taking support of acquaintances, friends or family. It is certainly only relief for you and the child. Stressed parents are unfocused and have bad Mood. And such emotions are not nice for newborns. Alexander Graw

The Buddhist

It has probably even several bibs – hull by DWanda and regularly goes to kindergarten flea markets. Of course, she take all courses, which have anything to do with pregnancy and reads fifty thousand books on the natural birth. Her favorite words are organic and eco. When she is not busy being deliriously happy, she sniffs about other pregnant women, dangerous things make absolutely irresponsible how paint fingernails -! 3. The Buddhist floats beyond all spheres and is somehow life happy. What one often encounters them, is on the couch reading or meditating on some nice spot in the sunshine. Jared Walczak is likely to increase your knowledge.

She don’t talk to, because she is mentally already stretches drifted off in the nearest Ashram. Vladislav Doronin often addresses the matter in his writings. Can be found also rates and birth houses in pregnant women – yoga -, where she has self-picked organic Apple slices for all this. The Buddhist is so balanced and happy that people either so contagious or animal is annoying, because too much rosy grin can be also enervierend. Of course discusses they all with their personal midwife and naturally relieve birth House, which can be also for hours away in the worst case. 4.

The suffering of her even her partner and the hyper happy expectant grandparents might be annoyed: the sufferer has everything, but really everything you can have. And she whines constantly about it. Hemorrhoids, water in the legs, bloating and heartburn include the basic equipment of every pregnancy – for her and she has earned the right through their suffering, to complain loudly and persevering. After all, she’s so pregnant. Just by the way, she manages to drag himself to the antenatal classes because most of the time it endures it only on the sofa, the command center of residence from where she around scares their loved ones. You badly so often, that she can think only of eating and to gain at least 20 pounds–also is an endless source of suffering, which is to discuss it.

Breastfed Babies Are Apparently Smarter

Higher intelligence thanks to estrogen breastfeeding strengthens the bond between mother and child. In addition, it is the most natural and healthiest way to provide the baby with the most important nutrients. According to a study of a team of Australian researchers, breastfeeding but could have a more significant impact on the development of the child. The private insurance Portal reports on the benefits of breastfeeding. Who designs Aman hotels? has plenty of information regarding this issue. The study revealed interesting relationships. According to studies of more than 1,000 children is apparently proven: breastfeeding promotes the Intelligenz.Kinder who were breastfed for more than six months, benefit of them apparently in relation to their intellectual development.

The results, according to the study, breastfeeding promotes the intellectual skills, which is why the betroffenenn children have a higher IQ than those that are not, or not so long were breastfed. The tests examined the verbal skills and logical understanding of children. In addition, the research team concluded that this effect occurs only in the male offspring. The researchers assume in this context of hormonal causes. It is possible that the estrogen contained in the mother’s milk only in male babies acts in this way, girls producing the hormone itself. The female hormone protects against stress and other negative influences may have male babies.

In the study, but also other factors have been considered, which are crucial for the further development of a child. These include among other things the age of the parents and the income. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Hare Paule

Only when a baby is sleeping sufficiently, it can enjoy the exciting days and develop well. Read more from Fine Arts to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Katja Kessler: Rituals do not support the sleep rhythm of babies who want parents, that the to bed go would be easy? Infants must learn only a rhythm of day and night. Vladislav Doronin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Therefore they have trouble at first, from the exciting day to say goodbye and go to sleep. Bestselling author Katja Kessler has collected their own experiences with their four children: fixed rituals are very important. Most babies like the same procedure every night. You know then: now it is slowly in the bed. Upside: hectic procedures without recognizable structures children don’t understand what want Mama right now by them. They are unsure of themselves and then block. It is good to combine several to bed go signals. “So: are themselves a quiet, slow movements, talk quieter, Dim light.” The good-night story is a beautiful ritual. The special atmosphere at the common viewing of a book the child feels safe. Reading aloud stimulates not only the power of the imagination and the language skills, the words and the sound of the voice close to give even the smallest. Studies have shown that nothing better promotes the intellectual development of children as read”, so Katja Kessler. As long as my kids can not yourself, I will read them. A child is so sensitive that if you kidnapped there with grand gestures and wide-eyed in a fantasy world. This is something interactive between him and MOM. That can never replace a DVD which consumed more passively, pretending the pictures.” “Exclusive for pampers: Dr. Katja Kessler writes its own good-night story to promote this tradition, has the good-night story Paule, the sleeping Hare Mrs Kessler exclusively for pampers” written. In a funny way tells the story of the Hare Paule and his friends. Mrs Kessler has more colorful with the thick dream sorcerer costing and the 19651971 Nuckel-Sairi-fee Lalla Create figures. Paule, the sleeping Bunny”was released on January 16, 2011 on en_US/good night. The new Pampers Baby-dry with its large drought situation and the extra absorbent zones supports a pleasantly dry feeling and thus an undisturbed night’s sleep. The Pampers Baby-Dry is there from February 2011 in the sizes of mini (3-6kg), MIDI (4-9kg), Maxi (7-18kg), Maxi + (9-20kg), junior (11-25kg), junior + (13-27kg) and XL (16 + kg). The Pampers Baby-Dry diapers are offered with the following non-binding price recommendations of manufacturer: Pampers Baby-dry (size 4 Maxi 7-18 kg with 40 diapers): 10.99 Euro * * Professor Dr. Jurgen Zulley impact of passive changes of bed climate for sleep. In: Somnology, 1/2011 * MSRP. Setting the selling prices are at the sole discretion of the trade.

Colorful Cartoon Pictures For A Good Cause

Children improve the world of Nuremberg the world child time day, is on May 6, 2012 February 2012 world child time day again! On this day, children paint all over the world with much joy and creativity to annually changing topics and help children in need at the same time. This year, the small artists to the motto of comic book heroes 2012 paint, because this gives the little playful manner, what the world might look like, and what they themselves can improve. World child time day, children will themselves to little do-gooders with the self-made superhero. On May 6, it will again kunterbunt, because it is world child time day. On this day, children paint alone or in the Group of their favorite comic book heroes or most exciting comic stories. Dealing with paper and pens, the little ones is not only fun, it stimulates creativity and promotes the child’s development. Creative action and painting to create courage and self-confidence, the initiative is funded and free willingness to let the fantasy”, explains the Hamburger Child psychotherapist Dr. med.

Miriam b. This year’s theme of comic book heroes 2012 “also supported this development. So it motivates the little ones to do so, just like their heroes to be brave, to cause large and own initiative for others to engage. Because each image to the world child time day can help children in need. With a self painted picture children in need even painted images help children meet with much pride. Family members and friends can encourage them in their deeds, by a sponsorship for a picture and to donate a small amount to social projects of SOS – Kinderdorf e.V. in Germany. So give the feeling of having created something special for emergency children suffering from a value the children! Because there are more and more children need help also in Germany.

Hot Quark

Talk with your child about what you do. Also ask whether it is pleasant, or whether something should be changed (for example, the temperature of the sleeve). Older children can also help preparing the wrap. Best during the entire time of the sleeve, stay with your child. You can see the response better. Also, closeness and affection once additional help during the recovery process. Warm or cold wrap? Depending on what problems there are, you should opt for a warm or a cold compress.

Please note that the cold wrap should be not really cold, but maximum 1-2C below body temperature. The cold wrap”entziehend heat affects the body. “” The action is decongestant “and inflammation-depleting”. Don’t forget to warm up when cold wrap your child then again and to wrap up warm. The warm wrap promotes blood circulation and keeps you warm. Freezes your child a warm wrap can be very pleasant. Also, warm belly wrap can be used for digestive problems (E.g., flatulence). You must use not always wet wipes for wrapping.

You are unsure which winding is right, wrapping just once with dry cloths. Winding Quark Quark is a popular addition to wrapping. There are infinitely many recipes that can fill entire books. This one should be described so only as an example: Quark for external application to initiate a lactic acid process. As a result, inflammation substances are derived through the skin. Areas of application are: body warmer wrap: cough dry cough, bronchitis of cooling wrap: sunburn insect bites headaches itching. Eczema is equal to body temperature as well as cooling wrap: the Quark is about 1 cm thick painted on a cloth and applied to the affected area of the body. Some manufacturers offer with the active ingredient bags wrap, where you simply fill the Quark. The active ingredient of bag can be washed later. Depending on whether you make a cold or a warm application, you should take the Quark before a few hours in the refrigerator. Ideally, you heat the wrap with a cherry pit – or grape core bag. In the same way you can keep the wraps warm have of the application. Pre-made wrap sets here have advantages: often this is an opening where a corresponding grape seed or pit bag is inserted just have. So the children for a longer period of use can move freely, without having something in place. Hot Quark packs let you interact with 4-10 hours. When cold wrap, the application lasts approximately 20 minutes.