JetStream Video

The impossible Software GmbH celebrated JetStream video world premiere and that on just 12 square meters within the CeBIT Webciety with sensational success. Hamburg, March 10, 2009 – JetStream video that the product would attract much attention, the founder of impossible Software GmbH had anticipated already due to the positive response in advance. That but in the Webciety exhibition the world premiere of JetStream evolved into a public and press magnet, had expected none. At the booth of the six-man company from Hamburg also personalities from business and politics gathered in addition to numerous press representatives from radio, TV and print. Above all: Deutsche Telekom Chief Rene Obermann and SPD General Secretary Hubertus Heil. The crowds on the restrained booth G 60 T2. 09 within the Webciety area in no way corresponded to the supposedly declining visitor numbers. The area of Webciety at CeBit was the perfect framework for the introduction of our product.

We have rarely seen such a density of international journalists. Up to now over 300 worldwide We have saved a media budget in the high six-figure range of PR”published articles, comments Jan-till Manzius, partner and senior consultant of the impossible Software GmbH. JetStream video makes the previously impossible possible. The software provides an answer to the frequently asked question for the first time after a technology which in real time as many current video streams at the same time can be modified. In the premiere example of Audi, the user can determine for example in which colour and equipment he would consider Audi A5 Cabriolet in the commercial. Thus not only the creative directors of advertising agencies, to determine now what gets to see the viewer in the film.

The viewer changed its position and becomes his own Director, so to speak, Web2. 0 for the video. Thus, impossible software fit thematically perfect in the Webciety frame. The Webciety concept due to the innovative optics and the perfect technical organization convinced us. We needed only a laptop. This Plug-and-Play concept is that for me Exhibition system stand concept for the future “, as Claus Zimmermann, CTO at impossible software. The team impossible software is so pleased and announces to be back with a mission impossible in the next year. Then”, so Zimmermann will further secure the Webciety fill a whole own Hall.” “Schwarzenegger says in such situations usually:” I will be back. Hasta la vista, baby.” But it’s not everyone’s style.