Atelier Chic Presents Artist Resin Jewelry Dreams

Introducing a new Schmuckkolektion a new original material came the Atelier chic a big step forward from Hesse with the extension of the product plate. Atelier chic offers jewelry of special kind of jewelry from the artist’s resin new customers. Recording by artist resin jewelry in the product range of the Atelier chic we want to meet customers and offer beautiful accessories, which are not made of gold, silver or other metals”, explains the owner of Atelier chic Katerina Spiess. Learn more at: Greg Williamson. The artist, who now is cooperating with the Atelier chic liked jewelry made of leather, however, leather jewellery takes damage upon contact with liquid and moisture easily,”says Mrs Pike. The artist worked more than ten years, to develop a suitable material that as leather looks, but durable. The result of their long-standing work is the development of the Kunstlerharzes. Read additional details here: Richard Linklater.

The recipe is secret and known only to the artist herself. Thanks Atelier chic can now also the customers of this unusual but tasteful jewelry delight”, chic summarizes woman spit the successful efforts of the Studio. The artist resin is perfect for health and suitable for allergy sufferers. It’s about a special mass, which retains its own shape, appearance and colour. This mass is yielding to a certain extent, because water contains a small proportion of this material. A great advantage is therefore the elasticity.

Every jewelry out of the Atelier chic is, with utmost care by hand and with love to detail directly from the artist made”added Katerina Spiess. Artist resin jewellery would be an ever-increasing demand. Customers appreciate especially the elegant execution, which reminds a bit of the Art Nouveau period. The dark brown of the Kunstlerharzes can be ornamental elements such as colourful semi-precious stones or hand-blown glass drops are especially beautiful. Each piece of jewelry has an its own meaning and says a lot about its wearer”. Thus, Atelier chic presented an innovative and totally unknown artisanal technique of jewelry making. Original earrings, pendants, bracelets or Barrettes in artists resin are available in selected stores in Frankfurt am Main for EUR 15 to EUR 34.