Bavarian King Ludwig

Anniversary of the Befreiungshalle in Kelheim for eight years they come to Bavaria. It has its reasons. The creative circle of artists Dali was founded in June 2004 in Lyon (F) heirs. At the beginning, it was a unique cultural company to celebrate of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great surrealist Salvador Dali. In the framework of the commemorative exhibition Hommage a Dali had ten European painters of the area of imaginary art signed on June 18, 2004 the appeal of Lyon. The original manifesto outlined the guidelines of an offensive campaign, aimed at pursuing clear principles: restoration and dissemination of the spell of fantastic painting as a creative reaction against the cultural vacuum of the so-called contemporary art of the modern. The movement decided spontaneously for the naming of “Dali heirs”. Angerer the elder designed the Signum.

After initial difficulties in France, the ambitious culture discovered in October 2005 in Bavaria to the promised land. Angerer the elder artists in Biburg and Architect in Munich, kurzerhand.neue had determined after an embarrassing Misserfog of the group in Paris promising prospects in Bavaria. Thanks to our productive partnership of the media House Kastner, a first visionary show titled “Dali heirs paint Europe” could take place in the fall of 2005 in the German Hopfenmuseum.Wolnzach. Later, the success of this event found a fertile extension in 6 further exhibitions in Bavaria. Eggenfelden and Viechtach (in the Bavarian Forest) remember enthusiastically the fabulous events, which have taken place between 2008 and 2010 in their walls. “Dali heirs” can today on the remarkable record of a total of 21 exhibitions in Europe. look back. The successes in Brussels (2007), Barcelona (2009), Paris (2010 and Vienna (2012) of the movement have awarded internationeles prestige.) However, Bayern remains the favorite room of our cultural projects.

The good reputation of “Dali heirs” is finally up to Kelheim penetrated. Now, the historic city on the Danube organized a major event in 2013: the 150 years the construction of the magnificent Hall of liberation upon Mount Michelsberg at the behest of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. The “Dali heirs” were asked to give the event a great stylish expression. A year ago, 6 authoritative artists of the hard core of the group in their studios develop fabulous pictures titled “Ludwig I. and the liberation Hall”. The lively creativity Angerer the elder (Bavaria), Alain Bazard (Paris), Monika Fagan (England), Michael Maschka (Bavaria) as well as Heath and Peter Proksch (Vienna) bear witness to high artistic motivations, which make an event of international scope in views. In Bavaria the 200 years of the birth of Richard Wagner (22.05.1813), another reason represent a high-level celebration of noble mixture story + art to realize. Wagner was the favorite musicians of Salvador Dali. The glowing memory of the genius of these giants of the European culture and the creative achievements of the Royal Bauherrns of the Befreiungshalle commit to offer a world-class visionary show us in Kelheim. The functional Use of the famous Dali wagon from Perpignan as a crowd-puller will pull thousands of art lovers to Bavaria. The event in Kelheim will lead once more to a joyous conclusion: the fantastic painting is the true way to restore the beauty. Exhibition “Dali heirs and the liberation Hall”, 17 April-30 November 2013 at the Gallery “Old brewhouse” in Kelheim 93309, Emil-Ott-str. 1 opening hours Mon-Fri, 10-13 and 14-18 h, sa 9-12 pm, free admission Roger M. Erasmy, founder of the movement “Dali heirs”.