Being Optimistic

A man arrives in its drunk house and overwhelming, for its look it he seemed tired and well sad, it he arranged its bed, he took its medicines and soon he fell in deep sleep. Per the morning it woke up thinking on its life, first thought about the bad things and second, it thought about as it was good for having a family for close, giving affection to it and love at any time that it was, also reflected on its job that for much sweat and devotion finished gaining the best vacant in one of the main companies of the country. For a moment, it was simply felt silly for the fact to have exactly taken a rejection of a woman who the least bound for it, knowing it since its infancy. Thus confident, the determined man started to laugh, during one five minutes, therefore it was a thing ridicule, was not necessary a great suffering for such problem. Concluding that when leaving its apartment in one of the main chic quarters of the city, it if it looked in the glass and if it found the man happyest of that they were to its redor, that is, the lesson that this Sir wanted to show is simple: not if it becomes attached quickly to somebody, another person does not create illusions of you with this and also she does not exaggerate in case that she does not obtain nothing why in the life, many times the people do not obtain what they want and they extravasam for any I sing.